Finally one day after our little man turned one month old he was able to come home!

Yep the bracelets are off and it's about time because they were getting pretty funky and gnarly.

We had heard Russell could come home this weekend but we'd also been told possibly as late as Monday or Tuesday so we weren't getting our hopes up. The nurse from last night told us that she and the charge nurse had discharge orders for today so we told her to have someone call us if he could really come home. This morning we got the call and little Russell came home!

He didn't seem all that thrilled with the car ride home at all. He cried most of the way which was so sad because there was nothing we could do for him until we got home. Once we got there it turned out he needed a good burp and a diaper change and he was already hungry. He has been much happier since being fed and after hanging out in the living room with us for a while he has fallen asleep.

Now let the fun begin! It is likely we'll experience some serious sleep deprivation, lots of dirty diapers and all sorts of confusion over what each cry means. But it is great to finally have our little man home with us. We can't be happier that he's finally come home to be with us. We already have follow ups with multiple doctors, medications we have to give him at home and signs to watch for in case he has seizures again. For now we're going to take things day by day and see how we adjust to being parents.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us. We continue to pray little Russell will stay healthy and happy.

Heather, Joe and Russell


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