A Room With a Russell

It's been an interesting last couple of days. Joe and I spent the last two nights 'rooming in' with Russell. There was a chance he was coming home today so the rooming in process allows you to have the chance to take care of your baby but with nursing staff just a phone call away. It's meant to help parents of NICU kids. For us you get kind of used to having everything your baby needs taken care of and you show up a couple times each day to feed, diaper or interact with your baby and then go home. With rooming in you get to see what it's like to wake up and take care of your baby through the night. It was a great learning opportunity for us and went really well though I am finding I don't function well without sleep. I found I made a few little mistakes on things like the date and time while I was sleep deprived. It's good I'm not working a career that requires precision or operating heavy machinery.

Rooming in night two. This room was much more comfortable than our first room.

Well if you caught it in the first paragraph we had a chance to bring Russell home today. That changed as of this morning when one of his doctors had reviewed his charts and they decided to repeat the Swallow Study to see if he had made improvements with swallowing. Poor little Russell apparently still aspirates some of his food into his lungs and that can lead to pneumonia which is never good. They are keeping him a few more days to change his food and observe him. We haven't had a chance to talk to the doctor much about it but tonight we should learn more about what will be going on for him. At this point the doctors are hopeful he'll come home this weekend or Monday but as we've learned so far nothing is for sure and we have to take everything day by day.

In the meantime I've been working on making sure things are ready at home. Today's tasks included loading diapers into our diaper stacker and cutting tags off of some of Russell's toys he's received. Can I just say this boy should not get bored for a while. We are running out of space to store his toys already and I'm getting creative on stashing stuffed animals in any open space I can find. HA HA HA!

They're taking over!!! Under all the animals is our changing table.

If you'd like feel free to check out some of the other cool things we've received from friends and family. We got the CUTEST personalized burp rags and diaper wipe holders, great clothes and some very fun things that our cats are now claiming as theirs. HE HE HE. We even took Russell's hand and foot prints and they're now hanging on our wall.

Oh and the other day we got to give Russell his first bath. It was so fun and Russell did really well. He seemed to enjoy his personal spa experience and we got to have a squeaky clean baby. 

We also wanted to say a big thank you to the wonderful families in the LDS Cheyenne Ridge Ward who have been helping us with meals the last couple weeks. We have been blessed to have such kind folks who have brought us meals which has helped a ton while we've been going back and forth to be with our sweet little man. It's so nice to have a meal show up ready to eat and to not have to think about what's for dinner. We also got a great meal from my friend Shannon and Pam and her mom brought us some of their yummy potato salad that went great with our burgers we BBQ'd on Labor Day. Ah food is good. YUM!

Of course thank you to everyone who has continued to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of so many of you (even if I'm not online all the time) and your families and pray that things are well in your lives too. Hopefully one of our next updates will be little Russell's first car ride home. Thanks!

Heather, Joe and Russell


  1. I really hope you get to bring Russell home this weekend. He seems like a fighter so I'm guessing things will go well. I hear you on not functioning without much sleep. I'm pretty sure I'd be a delusional crazy person!

  2. Thanks. We hope he comes home too. Seriously I feel lack of sleep will be my biggest obstacle once he's home. I'm sure I'll be worried about what to do and what not to do with a new baby but the lack of sleep will probably make me really loopy. HA HA HA! I'll just have to try not to fall asleep all the time.


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