Baby Mac Update - What's in a Name...

It's time for an update on Baby Mac. Who now can be called Russell Michio MacDonald. Russell is the name of Joe's grandpa that he never met. Joe thinks he passed back in 1975 before his parents even got married. Michio is Japanese and means the strength of 3,000 men. Considering all poor Russell is going through we think he must have that kind of strength deep within.

So, welcome to the world Russell Michio MacDonald, aka the baby formerly known as Baby Mac.

For everyone following our story Joe was able to go out with his sister and mom to see Russell this afternoon. They were running some tests so they had to wait to see him. Overall though things seem to be going well and we are hopeful things will continue to improve.

To me it seems so odd to have a 39 week old full term baby in the NICU. I always pictured preemie babies being sent there. I can only imagine that Russell must be huge compared to some of the other patients there. Lucky for us though babies big or small can be treated in the NICU and this definitely gives us hope. Joe has also reported that the nurses and doctors that have been working on Russell have been very nice which is good. I figure if I can't be there I would hope the other people there taking care of Russell would be kind and gentle to him. Oh boy, now I'm tearing up...

So, please continue to pray and send positive thoughts our way. We appreciate all the support we've received so far and we know baby Russell is appreciating all the love and support he can get right now. We are so grateful to have such great family and friends who are pulling for Russell to be healthy and happy so he can come home with us. We do plan to take pictures once Russell is doing better so keep checking back for more details and updates.

Oh and just so everyone knows mom is doing fine. :) I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom this afternoon and even got to brush my teeth while I was in there. YAY! I can totally feel my legs and feet again which is good though getting up does tend to make me dizzy and is much more painful than I'd hoped. Even with the pain though I don't care. We are blessed to have Russell alive and doing well and I was blessed to have doctors that could get me prepped and through surgery so quickly to make sure Russell could get the care he needed.

Arriving at the hospital yesterday. I got a free ride down to L&D.
Thanks again for everyone's prayers and support. We appreciate it so much!

Heather, Joe and Russell


  1. Great name choice, heather! And wonderful middle name too. Masculine, dignified and full of meaning. Touche girl.

  2. Thanks we are happy with the name choice. We hope he likes it too as he grows up. :)

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  4. Yay! Love it! I'm so glad you mentioned how you were doing too. I've been worried! I hope that the pain goes away soon and that you can get back to your normal self. It really helps that you have such a positive attitude. I'm hoping Russell can go home with you and Joe very soon! xoxo

  5. Thanks girl! I hope to heal quickly too. It's crazy how much you use your abs in every day stuff. HA HA HA! We are staying as positive as possible and we are so grateful for the many prayers and well wishes that are being sent to help Russell. I hope he can come home soon too. :)

  6. Congratulations!!
    Thinking of you and wishing a quick recovery to you and the baby so that you can be home and enjoying each other!! So happy for all 3 of you!
    What a lucky little boy to be born to you and Joe as his parents!
    xoxox~ Tiffany

  7. Thanks Tiffany. We feel very lucky to have Russell and can't wait for him to be home with us. I think he's going to get smothered with love because I need to make up for lost time. :)


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