Baby Mac Update - Twists and Turns

Oh my goodness. Since the last update I can say that things have definitely taken some crazy twists and turns. After coming home thinking I was good to go my blood pressure got out of control and I ended up back in the hospital.

On Sunday I had been feeling dizzy and had a slight headache so we took my blood pressure at home and it was elevated. That combined with the fact my legs were starting to look like elephant legs we decided to hit up the quick care and see a doctor. When we finally got seen at the quick care my blood pressure was 181/106. After giving birth of course you immediately lose some weight. You know, the baby, placenta, blood, etc... So one would figure after giving birth I'd have lost some weight. I weighed 184 right before going in to give birth. At the point we went in to get my blood pressure checked I got on the scale and my weight was 187. Considering I was eating hospital food there was no way I'd have put on that much weight in a matter of days. Crazy! Of course with my BP that elevated the doctor at the quick care said I needed to go to the ER and get seen.

Hospital food. Not my favorite but what do you do...
 We decided if I needed to go to the hospital I was going to go to the same hospital where baby Russell was at. Turns out it was a good choice because I was admitted to the hospital. The ER portion of our visit was not so fun. They gave me some medication to lower my blood pressure and some pain meds to help with my headache. I had what was one of the worst headaches of my life and all the nurse could say was well you're so young so you shouldn't still have a headache. They even told me the meds they gave me were the strongest they could give me. In my mind I figure if I'm having the worst headache of my life and you've given me the strongest thing you've got maybe that's reason for concern. Plus my pulse rate coming in was around 60 and at that point it was around 112. OY! Lucky for me the high risk OB showed up at that point and got me transferred up onto the labor and delivery floor.

Evil meds they gave me to prevent seizures because my BP was so high.
The nurses on the labor and delivery floor were far better. They took good care of me and made Joe feel much better about the care I was getting. I am lucky because Tom, one of the nurses that monitors Russell, came to visit me and make sure I was getting taken care of. Now that's serious dedication! While I was hospitalized he stopped by a couple times to make sure I was doing ok. He even brought over Russell's neurologist to talk to Joe and I so we could get an update on his MRI and get our questions answered. It's so good to know that some people truly care about what they do.

Anyway, today I finally got discharged from the hospital. I had a follow up appointment with my OB and he prescribed me a blood pressure medication because my BP was still elevated when I came in. It was interesting because in talking to my OB he said that the anesthesiologist wasn't even supposed to be at the hospital that night. Apparently he had decided to sleep at the hospital because he had a c-section the next morning. If he hadn't decided to sleep at the hospital and if my OB didn't happen to live across the street from the hospital it could have been a very different outcome for our baby. I feel truly blessed that things have worked out so well for our baby.

Yep I was a fall risk. HA HA HA! I have quite a collection of hospital bracelets now.

So, the best part of being hospitalized was when Joe was able to wheel me over to the NICU and we got to see Russell. Tom was the nurse working and he gave me the best surprise. Tom took the time to wrap Russell up and let me hold him. Oh it was amazing to finally hold our baby. He even opened his eyes and was looking at Joe and I. It as the best feeling to finally get to hold Russell close and tell him how much I love him.

Holding baby Russell for the first time. Best thing ever!

He's such a sweet baby. So perfect and wonderful. It was interesting to hold him and feel just how much he weighs. He looks so fragile and delicate in the NICU but when I held him he felt heavy. It was nice to feel his weight and and be close to him. Our little man has definitely stolen my heart.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. I am optimistic that my BP can get under control and that baby Russell will continue to improve. We appreciate keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Our friends, family and total strangers who are praying for us are amazing.

Heather, Joe & Russell


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    It was so good to text with you the other day! I have been feeling so disconnected and sad that I can't be there to help you in some way. I know that the nurses are doing everything and that there is not much I could do if I was there but it's just hard being so far away. I just wanted to be able to talk to you. Anyway, I'm optimistic that things will continue to get better. I'm also amazed that you can make these updates! - but also soooo glad because I would hate not knowing what was going on with you! xoxo

  2. Oh girl. It was great to get in touch with you! I know you'd totally be here if you could. It's nice knowing that at least we can chat and I know you're always reading my updates. The updates have been very therapeutic for me. I enjoy writing down what has happened because it helps me remember the details. That and in sharing the story I feel positive about all the prayers and support we've received. We're very optimistic about how things are going. Russell is such a blessing to us and we're glad to be able to share our story. I can't wait until you can meet our sweet little man. I know you'll just love him. :)

  3. I'm tearing up seriously at the pic of you two. He is so sweet. I hope you are home together soon.

  4. Thanks Amy. Things are continuing to go well for Russell and we hope they keep going well. He's such a sweet baby and we are definitely excited to have him home with us. That will be such a special day. :)

  5. I hope that you are both doing better!! Thinking of you and your family!
    Update again soon!

  6. Hi Tiffany! Yes we are both doing better every day. Just posted another update. Thanks for your thoughts. We appreciate all the good positive friends we have supporting us. :)


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