Baby Mac Update - Not Your Average Birth

It all started last night at 10pm. We checked into the hospital and got going on inducing Baby Mac to come join us out here. I was put on Pitocin that was gradually increased as time went on. I had some contractions though nothing that wasn't manageable. Because they induced labor I was hooked up to the fetal monitors. At one point I felt Baby move and we could tell the monitor wasn't getting a good reading on the heartbeat. We knew the nurses would be in shortly to try and adjust the monitor to get a good read.

This is where the story takes a not so average turn. Since they couldn't get a good read using the regular external monitor they wanted to break my water and hook up an internal fetal monitor. Both nurses tried to get a good connection and they ended up calling the charge nurse to even give it a shot. At this point it was a whirlwind of chaos because the nurses were very concerned since they couldn't get a good read on the Baby's heartbeat. Within minutes my nurse was calling my doctor to come in for an emergency c-section.

Yep... Seriously emergency c-section. I never thought they could do a spinal so quickly. They wheeled me out of the room so quickly Joe and I didn't even have time to react. All I could do was sob and cry out of emotions in the moment. I went straight into the delivery room where I got a spinal in record time. I swear it was maybe 5-10 minutes max before my doctor was cutting me open and delivering Baby.

So, the moment you've all been waiting for... Baby Mac is...


Born August 8, 2011 at 2:58am 7 pounds 15 ounces and 21 inches long. We are still deciding on a name so that will come later. Also no pictures yet because if only our story was average... Baby was in distress since he was born so he immediately went into the NICU for testing and additional care. Currently we are just praying for a positive outcome for Baby that he will be healthy and can join us soon. Of course I have a decent recovery ahead of me but my doctor is wonderful and will make sure I get the proper care.

We have been told by more than one person throughout this experience how lucky we are. I feel someone must be watching over us because we happened to have great nurses who knew when to react, a doctor that lives within throwing distance of the hospital and an anesthesiologist who happened to be working and was available at the time. My doctor even said if the anesthesiologist hadn't been in the hospital at the time things might not have worked out for us. We are so grateful to have made it through this far and I am truly amazed at the talent of the individuals who were here that helped save our baby. Oh, and why Baby was in distress... The cord was wrapped around his neck AND we had a true knot in the umbilical cord. Something that only happens about once in 1,000 births. Yeah lucky us...

So, if you can please say an extra prayer for Baby Mac. We appreciate any good thoughts you can send our way. Sorry no pictures for now but I have only got to glance at baby through the plastic of his little incubator space and since he's in the NICU the poor little guy has so many tubes and monitors going on it definitely doesn't make for a Kodak moment. Hopefully Baby will continue to improve and grow stronger and then pictures will be shared. Thank you for everyone who has already said a prayer for us. You may have helped make the difference in our birth experience tonight.

Now it's time for some much needed sleep. Thanks in advance for any prayers you can send our way.

Heather & Joe & Baby Mac


  1. Oh Heather! That is both horrible and wonderful at the same time. I'm all teary after reading this! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers for sure! Congratulations on baby boy!

  2. The Lord is faithful and look at what He already did for your sweet boy! I am praying for a smooth recovery for yo both. Keep me updated. CONGRATS!!
    L. Petrina

  3. Heather- My prayers is that all will be well, both with you and your precious baby boy. I'm so sorry that his birth did not go as you had planned, but I am so grateful that you were blessed with so many little miracles in that way things worked out.

    Best wishes and congrats!
    Robbie (Holman) Andersen

  4. Oh my gosh girl. My thoughts are with you, Joe and baby. I'm so happy that the medical staff new how to react to keep you guys safe.

  5. Hang in there Heather from personal experience he is in good hands as hard as it is not to be able to hold and cuddle and love on him they are absolutly AMAZING in the NICU... Ask alot of questions and stay possitive you are in my thoughts and prayers and if I can be of help at all please let me know love sent your way with lots of happy possitive thoughts... AND CONGRATS... so so lucky to have everything happen in such a fast amazing way you are being watched he has a purpose here...

  6. Hi Heather and Joe! what a way to come into the world! luckily he had a strong おかあさん(お母さん (mom) from the get-go! and dad too!!!!! it will all work out okay! we love you!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. It has been a whirlwind day and definitely a mess of emotions. It was not the birth I had pictured or even imagined would happen but luckily for us the right people were available at the right time and so far things are looking positive.

    Joe and his sister are on their way over to visit Baby now so hopefully we'll have a positive update soon. :)


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