Baby Mac Update - Honey I'm Home!

Hi everyone! Joe, Russell and I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has said a prayer or held us in their thoughts this past week. It has been a roller-coaster of an adventure to say the least. I can say it's been overwhelming the amount of love and friendship we have felt from friends, family and complete strangers. To know so many people were willing to take the time to say a prayer for our baby when he needed it the most is just amazing. I am also very grateful that so many of you have been following our story. It has been very good for me to be able to write down what's been happening.

To update everyone on what's happened since our last update I was able to check out of the hospital yesterday morning. My blood counts were still low but hadn't changed since Tuesday so they decided it was ok for me to go home. We packed up after breakfast and our first stop was to visit baby Russell. It was an emotional experience for me since this was the first time I was able to see him. To me he was simply perfect. He was cuter than I remembered and it broke my heart to see him hooked up to all the machines and tubes. I was amazed by just how much love I felt for him. (I was never the girl who played with baby dolls growing up, I wasn't around babies or young children much growing up and I was of the mindset that I could have kids if I wanted to or if I didn't that would be ok too. Then I married Joe and I knew he'd be a great father and he was the kind of person I would be comfortable raising children with. He has already exceeded all my expectations as a father and husband and I'm so happy he's been here to go through this experience with me.) I kept crying just thinking about much I love him and that I just wanted to scoop him up and make him better. It's one of those moments in your life that you finally understand how your mom could tell you she'd love you no matter what you did or how much trouble you got into.

This was before we checked out and left. Breakfast done and ready to go home.

Anyway, baby Russell has been in an induced hypothermic state since about 4 hours after he was born. (You can read more about the treatment HERE. They explain it very clearly and much better than I could.) It's a treatment that isn't offered everywhere but has been proven to be very beneficial at many hospitals across the country. We are fortunate that Summerlin Hospital offers the treatment and was able to receive Russell shortly after birth.

Today was a big day for baby Russell. They have been running tests all week and slowly taking him off the machines that have been helping to support him. Today was big because they warmed Russell back up to a normal temperature. It was a procedure that took about 6 hours as they needed to gradually warm him up monitoring him the whole time. We have felt very optimistic that things would go well because the doctors and nurses that have been caring for Russell are amazing. One of them has been there since they transported him to Summerlin Hospital. She has volunteered to work on her days off, worked 15 hour shifts and skipped lunch and breaks to be there with Russell. Joe has been telling me about her since the beginning saying just how nice she is and that she is always right there in the room with Russell to take care of him. I am blown away by the caring and compassion from the staff that has been taking care of our baby. They are all so kind and do everything they can to accommodate us when we visit. We are so blessed that they care about our baby as much as they care about their own children. It was such a relief to know that when I couldn't be there for my baby that the people who were are kind and gentle.

So through the day we waited to hear how the warming would go and we are happy to share that so far everything has gone well. Baby Russell tolerated the procedure well, didn't have any seizures during the process and seems to be alert and responsive. Joe and his family went to visit Russell after the procedure was completed and things are looking good. They were able to touch him and he even opened his eyes a couple times. I wasn't able to go because when I got up this morning I noticed I was still very swollen in my feet and my eyelids were puffy. I was concerned maybe my blood pressure was back up again and when we visited Russell this morning they took my BP and it was elevated. They strongly encouraged me to stay home, elevate my feet and get some rest. One of the nurses even insisted that I get wheeled downstairs in a wheelchair so that I wouldn't have to walk. I was sad to not get to go but I know that I need to take care of myself so that when baby comes home I can be there for him. Joe always tells me in detail what happens and takes pictures and video when he can. We can't wait to share pictures of baby Russell once he's off more of the machines.

They hope to have Russell off the oxygen and breathing on his own tonight or tomorrow. Once he's breathing on his own they will run an MRI to make sure everything still looks good. If baby keeps doing well we might get to give him his first sponge bath too. I can't wait to go visit him tomorrow. We read stories to baby this morning so a bath for baby tomorrow would be so wonderful. I'm also excited because tomorrow my family comes into town so they'll get to meet their first grandchild. YAY!

Again a huge THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts. It was a big day for Russell and we know that each and every prayer has helped him get stronger every day. We will continue to pray that he keeps passing all his tests so he can come home and be with us soon. I feel truly blessed to be Russell's mommy and I am happy that Joe will be his daddy. Baby we love you oh so much!


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  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I know how hard it must be for you guys to go through all this but I've always known you to be a very strong person and I know you and Joe can handle anything. You are going to be great parents. I know what you mean about actually getting excited about kids just because you're with a great guy. I feel the exact same way!

  3. You did marry an amazing man and you are going to be a great mom! The two of you are going to be such loving parents and that is what Russell needs right now. We are so happy to hear you have so much support locally and can't wait till we can come visit in person. We love all of you so much!!!


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