Baby Mac Update - Diapers and Sushi Oh My!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share our latest adventure. I got to change my first diaper! WHOOP WHOOP! Joe has helped with a couple diaper changes before but of course I got the poopy diaper when it was my turn to give it a try. It was so great to do something so normal with Russell. I'm sure one day I'll dread the diaper change but for now anything that we'd normally do with our baby if he were at home with us makes me so happy.

I also wanted to share that we went out and enjoyed a lovely sushi dinner. Sushi was one of the things I couldn't wait to eat after having our baby. Yeah we went out to our sushi place while I was pregnant but I didn't eat the raw fish. I'd stick to things like teriyaki salmon and California rolls. These are of course tasty things but it was so fun having some serious sushi yesterday. YUM!

We also had dessert. MMM... Mango mochi ice cream and vanilla tempura ice cream. Fabulous!

This past week was great because we had my family in town. I am very happy they were able to take the time to come down and meet baby Russell. It was sad they only got to see him in the hospital but on Friday my parents were finally able to hold their first grandbaby. It was so wonderful they were able to do that before they had to head back home. We had a lot of fun together enjoying good food that my Mom made as well as shopping for baby stuff. I think my Mom had a lot of fun helping us pick out some great things for Russell.

We even got some great outfits from my Dad's family. The picture in the middle is my grandma holding up a couple outfits they sent for Russell. Such cute things and I can't wait for him to wear them. I totally love the outfit with the cow on it because that little hat is so cute! I know Russell will be just adorable.

My mom and I took the time to cut the tags and wash the outfits we received for Russell and of course Panda had to get in on that action too. Silly kitty these clothes aren't for you! HE HE HE.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this little update. Baby Russell has been doing well. He continues to improve every day and we can't wait for him to come join us at home. Thanks again to everyone who has continued to pray for him and our family. I have been doing much better since getting out of the hospital. I have been taking my blood pressure medicine and taking it really easy. I've been keeping my feet up to try and keep them from getting too swollen. So far so good.

Heather, Joe & Russell


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