#30BBM Day 4 and Thoughts on Pregnancy

Ok so to not burn anyone out on any one topic know that some days I'll be working on the 30 Days to a Better Me challenge on paper instead of on my blog. Today's task was all about kindness which is something I do feel most folks could use to be more of. I think these days so often we're all so wrapped up in our own lives we forget that others can be having equally hard days and taking a moment to just be kind can totally change the course of one persons day. I always remember the Mary Kay concept of pretending that everyone has a sign around their neck that says "make me feel special". Or important, loved, etc. I think most people wouldn't mind if everyone they encountered on a daily basis would treat them like they'd want to be treated. Then again that does take the efforts of everyone involved. You can't expect everyone to be kind to you if you won't return the favor. So, be kind! Even a little smile that costs you nothing can really make someones day.

Day 4: Day of Virtue: Kindness
Your Task: Be Kind Today

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” – Plato
“Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.” – Lou Holtz
“A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.” – The Knights of Pythagoras

Ok so as I was thinking about what to write I decided I wanted to share some thoughts on my pregnancy since we're coming down to the end of this experience. I can say that overall my pregnancy has been very text book. Morning sickness in the first trimester, feeling better in the second and being tired and feeling huge in the third trimester. Nothing too crazy which has been good.

First I want to share the things I am looking forward to after we welcome Baby Mac into the world:

1. Sushi ~ And don't get me wrong, I love a good California roll or something with veggies, eel and crab but there are some tasty raw options out there that I haven't indulged in that I can't wait to order. YUM!
2. Sandwiches ~ Some sources say things like cold cuts and hot dogs can potentially carry harmful bacteria that can make you sick so they recommend you either don't eat these things or adequately heat them. Considering the many recalls you hear about tainted food in the news I feel like sandwiches are the least of my worries. Then again once I'm not pregnant I will eat a sandwich any time I want without having to worry about heating the meat. HA HA HA!
3. Not running my belly into thing ~ Seriously it's like I have no concept of my size sometimes because I will run into walls, shelves, doors... Pretty much if it's at belly height I've likely ran into it. And because my belly is already stretched beyond it's normal size it hurts even if I just tap into something.
4. Getting out of bed like a normal person ~ I feel that when you end up grunting, heaving, pushing and pulling yourself just to get out of bed it's not a good thing. Plus even with all that there is always the possibility that if I move just wrong I end up with a leg cramp or some other pain in my hips, legs, pelvis... You name it. It's just not right. Seriously when you know you have to get up but you ponder just going back to sleep because it's too much effort you know what I'm talking about.
5. My family ~ I'm very excited that my whole family will be able to come down and spend some time with us and Baby. My Mom makes such yummy food so at least I know I won't starve while they're here. Plus that should give me some time to recover and get at least a little adjusted into my new role of mom.

Now for the things I will totally miss after welcoming Baby Mac into the world:

1. Dessert ~ I know I can still have dessert but at this point I know many times I've pushed the limits and had dessert after every meal. Bad because I'm supposed to be watching my carbs and sugars but good because it's oh so tasty. I feel without an excuse (I'm already prego and huge so it won't really matter) I won't eat as much dessert in an attempt to keep some semblance of a normal figure.
2. Feeling baby move ~ Yes we'll have a rockin' and rollin' baby to enjoy but there's something truly special about feeling that baby inside you. It's an interesting experience that unless you've experienced it I feel there is nothing like it.
3. Sleep ~ I truly enjoy my naps in the afternoon and being able to just lie down and rest when I'm tired. I know that is likely to become a rare thing once we work to accommodate late night feedings and diaper changes as well as getting things done while watching a baby. This is why I don't feel the least bit bad about sleeping as much as I am now. I feel that I'm just collecting as much sleep as I can now. HA HA HA!
4. Being all about me ~ It will be interesting to adjust to another persons schedule. I'm so used to just planning out what I need to do in the day and then going about getting those things done but I know that when baby is sick or hungry or just wants to be held my "schedule" will no longer take priority. I am sure once Baby is here I won't mind the adjustment it just seems kind of scary to try and contemplate having your world suddenly revolve around someone else.
5. Easy travel ~ No more will there be days of just toss some stuff in a suitcase and be on our way. No more will there be little worry about hopping on a plane or taking off on a road trip. Instead there will be worries about packing for more than just me, making sure the little one(s) are entertained and that we don't lose anyone in transit. HA HA HA! I feel travel for the most part is NOT kid friendly so whenever we take our first plane ride I'm sure that will be quite the experience. I can only pray our baby will be the kind who just falls asleep in anything that moves and doesn't bother the other passengers. Yikes!

Some days I'm very excited for Baby to arrive and other days the thought just makes me nervous. I am trying to just enjoy these last days of being pregnant and it just being Joe and I. I know that soon our lives will totally change. I figure if I can somehow survive labor and delivery then anything that comes after that will be manageable. So wish me luck, say a prayer or send me some serenity so I can make it through labor and delivery. Don't worry there will be pictures (nothing gross I promise) and an update after Baby arrives. Thanks to everyone who has supported us through the process so far. HUGS!!!


  1. I am so beyond excited for you! It is so much fun reading about your experiences. I can't wait to go through them myself. I've thought a lot about those things (ie- Sushi! haha). I'm sure it's an amazing experience that is hard to explain. You and Joe are going to be so great with this baby!

  2. OMG you're going to love it. Well at least I hope you do. Yes there are times when it's like OMG why but then other times it's exciting and fun. I can say OD on sushi now while you can. I have been having teriyaki or noodles when we go out. I have braved the California roll or if the roll is made of all cooked stuff but I can't wait to have whatever sounds good. HA HA HA! Oh it's going to be interesting to have a baby around the house. :)


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