#30BBM Day 3 - Ideal Self

Welcome to day 3. There is still time to sign up and get going on the Be a Better Me in 30 Days challenge. Visit Celestine's blog and get signed up. It will be something great to work on through August especially since I'll have a new baby and who knows how often I'll be able to get online and blog. I'm hoping to still post a couple times a week but we'll just have to wait and see how things go. Anyway, here goes day 3!

Day 3: Knowing Your Ideal Self
Your Task: Identify Your Ideal Self

1. What is your ideal self like? Describe him/her as much as possible. 

My ideal self is helpful, hardworking, positive, loving, passionate, generous, kind, friendly, dependable, creative, fun, organized, intuitive, ambitious, optimistic, confident, energetic, hopeful, efficient, open, authentic, has integrity, is committed, reliable, has imagination, determined, peaceful, capable, successful, joyful, and grateful.

My ideal self would consistently work to learn new things. I would make time to take care of myself by eating healthy and exercising. I would take the time to be financially educated in order to take care of myself and my families needs. I would dream big and have vision and passion for my future. I would consistently work to improve myself. I would work to improve my cooking skills to provide delicious and nutritious meals to my family. I would stand up for my values and recognize all the blessings I have in my life.

2. How would you assess this ideal self on a scale of 1-10?

My ideal self is definitely a 10/10.

3. What are 3 baby steps you can start right away to live in line with your ideal self?

Three things I can do immediately would be to know my ideal self, work to live my best qualities on a daily basis and be open to possibilities (career opportunities, activities, etc) that offer opportunities to live as my ideal self.

Day 3 Reflection for 30BBM
Is there anything you learned today? This can be about yourself, other people, or other things in life. This can be related/unrelated to the task, inspired by answers by other participants, inspired by the discussions in the community, due to something that happened in your life today that’s outside of 30BBM. If so, what is it?  Write it down.

I've actually worked on exercises before identifying qualities I would like to improve in myself so this was a good opportunity to recap what I've learned before.


  1. Good luck on your 30 days! I love ur ideal self idea :)

  2. Thanks! I just started to follow your blog too. Good luck to you too. :)

  3. I'm lovin the challenges! I think about what my ideal self could be all the time. I try to make it into a positive thing instead of 'oh, I'm not funny enough or I'm too shy.' You know? I like the challenge about being kind. I'm so bad at that. I need to remember that sometimes it's actually me that doesn't realize the light just turned green or accidentally cuts someone off! haha.

  4. Thanks! I realized that you can take looking at your ideal self as an opportunity for growth instead of beating yourself up. Plus I know I've done stupid things before that have probably pissed someone off so I try to remember that we're not all perfect.


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