#30BBM Day 2 - Understanding

Ok here is my catching up to day 2. It's definitely not too late to get signed up and work on Being a Better Me in 30 Days. Just check out Celestine's blog and get signed up.

Day 2: Understand Your Negative Traits

Your Task: Understand Your Negative Traits

1. From the list of 5-7 traits you wrote on Day 1: Assess Yourself, pick out 3 key traits you want to work on this month.

Procrastination, indecisive and self doubting.

2. Rank them in order of 1-3, with #1 being the top trait you want to work on.

The order I'd like to work on these traits is indecisive, self doubting and procrastination.

3. For each trait answer the following:
- Why do you think you are ?
- Why do you want to change this trait?
- What is one baby step you can do to change this?
~ Indecisive
- I think I'm indecisive because I'm a very non-confrontational person. I've always been the "go with the flow", "don't rock the boat" type of person. I think it was always easier for me to just go with whatever others wanted instead of speaking up and saying hey this is what I want.
- I want to change this trait because I feel it's time to grow up and make some decisions for myself without worrying so much about what others think. Of course I will always keep an open mind when it comes to making group decisions or decisions that impact others but on things like where or what to eat I should be able to speak up and have an opinion.
- One baby step is to start having an opinion and making a decision when asked a question. I am sure at some point the question will come up of what do you want to eat and I'm going to work hard to make a decision on things I can decide.

~ Self Doubting
- I think I have so much self doubt because I've always been the type to play it safe. I don't usually put myself or my ideas out there and I've never been competitive. I think it was always easy to just be good enough in life so now when I want to do something that is truly challenging it seems so hard to fathom accomplishing some things.
- I want to change this trait because I shouldn't be so doubtful about my abilities. I know I'm a smart person who can accomplish things so I just need to believe in myself. Also I want to have more self confidence because I know that you can't teach your kids to be something you're not and I want my kids to have confidence in themselves and their abilities.
- I need to accomplish simple goals so I can gain the confidence I need to accomplish bigger things.

~ Procrastinator
- I think I've been a procrastinator because I've never really took any risks that required me to really work hard and meet deadlines. In school and work I never had issues accomplishing the things I was asked to do but that doesn't translate into getting the things I want to do accomplished.
- I want to change this trait because I know that it's not something that will serve me in life.
- One thing I can do to help change this is to plan my work and work my plan. If I know what needs to be done and in what order it will make it easier to take the steps needed. Plus having a plan will help solidify what I want to accomplish which hopefully will help build excitement to accomplish the goal.

Day 2 Reflection for 30BBM

Is there anything you learned today? This can be about yourself, other people, or other things in life.
This can be related/unrelated to the task, inspired by answers by other participants, inspired by the discussions in the community, due to something that happened in your life today that’s outside of 30BBM. If so, what is it? Write it down.

I learned there is hope! I realized when you break things down into simple actionable steps it makes any task much more manageable. Also having some simple baby steps to focus on helps to give you something concrete to work on.


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