Three Good Things - Day 6

Ah we're almost done with a week of Three Good Things. How exciting! I won't keep posting every day but don't be surprised if you see Three Good Things pop up again in the future. For me I love to journal in a paper journal so this is something I'll likely continue on paper with the occasional appearance here on the blog. Anyway, check out Day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to see what other good things have been going on this week. If you're just joining in I challenge you to try writing down Three Good Things for a week and see how it makes a difference in your life. I'll be writing a recap of my week overall after tomorrows post but I can already tell you things have been great.

1. So today Joe and I got a lot of things done. We got my car registered so that's taken care of. We also went and completed the Health Assessment that needed to be done for his work. They measure things like weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc. Of course for me I thought it was going to be funny to see what my results would be considering being 37 weeks pregnant I knew things like my weight and waist circumference were going to be far from my normal. I am happy to report however that I am apparently very healthy and everything looked good so yay!

2. While Joe and I were out and about we also took advantage of two coupons for free underwear from Victoria's Secret. If it's FREE, it's for ME! And speaking of free... I was very happy to have a bunch of books I reserved show up at the library. We stopped to pick them up and I had 6 books waiting for me. YAY! I figure it doesn't hurt to see the books first and see if they are worth purchasing instead of spending money on something that might not be quite what you're looking for. I picked up books on scrapbooking which will be great for ideas. I also got a few books about selling crafts which is something I've been looking into lately. I would love to have my own business selling things I make. I enjoy making cards and scrapbooks and have so many other great ideas for other fun crafty things. So who knows, maybe one day soon you'll be able to buy something fun I've made.

3. And if you can't get it for free it doesn't hurt to get a serious discount. Joe and I stopped by the Borders that is going out of business and picked up a few magazines. They were all 40% off which was great considering I've found scrapbooking magazines tend to be rather pricy. Of course it was rather slim pickings at this point for scrapbooking magazines but I did find two that have some cute ideas for cards and crafts. I love seeing what other creative people are making. It's neat to try out some new ideas and I know the more I craft the more I'll come up with my own ideas and designs.

Other than that Joe and I had a good day. Baby seems to still be doing well as I can still feel movements many times during the day. I'm excited to read through the books I got at the library and try some new card ideas from the magazines. I'm also going to continue to work on making healthy lifestyle choices so I can continue to be healthy. Good days = good weeks = good years = a good life. Good times for everyone! :)


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