Three Good Things - Day 5

Welcome to the Three Good Things recap for day 5. You can also check out Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 to see what other good things have been going on this week.

1. Today we went for another check up for Baby. My regular doctor wasn't in because he was at another hospital delivering a baby. Since we were only getting an ultrasound we opted to see the other OB that practices with my doctor. I figured then at least we'd have met the other doctor that could potentially show up at Baby's birth day. The doctor was nice enough and we got to see Baby was doing well. The doctor said he could see plenty of amniotic fluid so we're good for another week. YAY!

2. While we were at the hospital we completed the hospital pre-registration we needed to do before we actually go in to have the baby. I had tried to complete the pre-registration online but the system didn't work. Lucky for us we're all good to go now and it's one more thing done that we needed to do.

3. Joe and I went for a walk around the neighborhood this evening. It was nice to get outside and it's good to get any exercise I can. I felt good on the walk which was nice. I've also been dealing with swollen feet and hands and it seems like the walk helped clear some of that out.

It's also been really cool to read the good things that some of you have been doing. Everything from delish chocolate chip pancakes to working on craft projects for baby. It's neat to see how many good things are happening this week and makes me happy to see that other folks are enjoying the week. Of course not everything is unicorns and glitter but focusing on the good things has definitely helped me to enjoy this week and get things done. Happy Monday everyone and I hope the rest of your week goes great!


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