Three Good Things - Day 4

Ok so I'm running a little late for Day 4 but I wanted to do a recap because yesterday was a fun day. Once again if you are just joining in on the fun you can check out Day 1, 2 and 3 and see what other Good Things I've been documenting.

1. I am happy to say I have finished the laundry for Baby that I wanted to get done. I have clothes, sheets and blankets, washcloths and burp rags ready to go. I didn't wash all the clothes we received yet because I wanted to wait until Baby was born to see what would fit. I figured if baby was big and didn't fit Newborn sizes then we could always try to exchange some things for larger options. Either way laundry has been completed and that makes me happy.

2. Joe and I went out to Spring Mountain Ranch, which is just outside of Las Vegas past the Red Rock National Park area, to take some pregnancy photos. I didn't really want to take specific pregnancy photos but at some point I changed my mind so we took some at home the other day and then went back to one of the locations we took our engagement pictures at. Spring Mountain Ranch is beautiful and we made it out in the morning while it was still relatively cool out thankfully. Here's a preview of our fun outing.

3. Joe and I enjoyed our time together yesterday and Joe BBQ'd hamburgers and brats for dinner. I always love when Joe cooks especially when he makes something on the BBQ. We found he can make an awesome beer can chicken on the BBQ which we had last week. Yep I look a little sleepy in the picture or maybe I was just mesmerized looking at the chicken cooking. HA HA HA! Either way Joe definitely can cook some Good Things and that makes for a good day.

So we're definitely getting closer to Baby's arrival and by doing a few things each day I feel we're getting to be about as ready as we can for Baby. I know I'll never feel fully ready but at least some of the things I can do now are getting done. Hooray!

Well it's a new week and I hope everyone has a good day and a good week. Find the good in what's going on because I know that even when things seem hopeless or really aggravating that good things can still come from crazy situations. Have a great week and let me know what Good Things are going on in your life.


  1. So fun!I am glad you went out and took some fun maternity photos!! You look beautiful!! It is so fun to know where you are too! I remember that area! So fun for photos!

  2. Yes it was great! I was worried if we didn't go out and get the pictures done I'd end up delivering early and miss the chance. We just bought a tripod for the camera and went out and took the pictures. It was a good time and I think it will be nice to have pictures to remember this time. :)


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