Three Good Things - Day 3

It's getting to the end of Day 3 of the Three Good Things challenge. If you haven't read Day 1 or Day 2 feel free to go back and catch up and start your own challenge. I recommend doing this for a week straight because I have noticed in past exercises like this if you make it a daily habit you'll get the most out of it. You can jot down your thoughts in a journal or on a blog. You could even note your three good things on your favorite social media site. It's up to you! Whatever you'll stick with is what you should do. Enough about that though... Here are my three good things for today.

1. Clean clothes! Ah nothing like freshly washed laundry. Maybe I'm crazy but laundry is one chore I don't mind doing. Maybe because laundry is something I can be OCD with and no one has to know. HA HA HA. Seriously though for me my laundry all has a place and anything that gets hung hangs in the same direction. Perhaps it's from working in various retail jobs but I do like my clothes organized. Don't worry I'm not color coordinating or evenly spacing my hangers but there is a method to my madness. Joe probably thinks I'm nuts but I don't mind putting his laundry away so it's a win for him as long as he doesn't complain. I figure if you don't like how I'm hanging things then you can do it yourself. :P

2. Crafty fun thank you gifts! I thought it would be a nice gesture to bring something nice for the nurses that will be taking care of me and Baby when he/she decides to make his/her appearance into the world. I know a few nurses and know that they work so hard to take care of their patients and sometimes they are not always appreciated. (Seriously some of the stories I hear make me wonder what is wrong with people. I get you're not feeling well but the nurses are only trying to help you.) Anyway, I put together a basket of snacks and goodies that the nurses can share. I feel it would be something fun that would brighten my day so hopefully the nurses will feel the same.

3. Time with my Joe! We ran some errands and enjoyed a nice lunch today. Joe had a gift card from his birthday so we hit up the Olive Garden by our house and shared some tasty food. We split a Tour of Italy and the Bruschetta. I also had a Strawberry-Mango Limonata which was quite tasty and since we rarely go to the Olive Garden we got one of my favorite desserts the Lemon Cream Cake. YUM! I always enjoy time Joe and I get to spend together.

On other happy notes Baby Mac still seems to be doing well. I was a little worried this morning that Baby wasn't rockin' out like usual but I think Baby was just sleeping earlier because this afternoon/evening I've felt Baby rollin' around in there like usual which makes me happy. I have read that as you get further along in the pregnancy it is possible that the baby will move less because he/she ends up taking up more room and just doesn't have as much space to move anyway. Also I have read that as you get closer to the end the baby tends to start to establish more regular sleep patterns and often can sleep deeper. We have an appointment on Monday so it will be nice to check in on Baby and make sure things are going well.

Anyway, hope everyone has had a good day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stop by and share what good things are going on in your life. Cheers!


  1. Love it all! The lemon cake looks esp. delicious.
    My three things for Sat:
    1) Got some knitting time in in the morning with mom & cat
    2)Made homemade pizza with hubby
    3)Got in the pool! It was only for about 10 minutes, but it felt so good!

  2. Oh the lemon cake was delicious. MMM. :) Love your three good things and getting in the pool sounds amazing. I totally wish we had one right about now.

  3. Okay, I totally tried to comment on this yesterday with my Android but it ended in a massive fail. I forget all I rambled about now. Something about how that lemon cakes needs to get in my belly now! And how I am exactly the same way with laundry and how I think your gift idea for the nurses is brilliant! Anywho- I'm totally lovin your good things posts!

  4. Kim I totally feel you! I usually see you've posted on your blog on my phone but I'll wait to get on the computer before I try to comment. I seriously am all about a good lemon cake. YUM! Oh and good to know that I'm not the only one who is seriously OCD about laundry. HA HA HA! Hey if nothing else my laundry is always orderly and gets done just how I like it. :) I'm really hoping the nurses enjoy the basket. If nothing else there are some tasty treats in there and I figure snacks are always good. Glad you're enjoying the good things though. :)


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