Three Good Things - Day 2

In yesterdays Three Good Things I put it out there to try doing this for a week and see what happens so I'm going to post Three Good Things for seven days and let you know how it goes for me.

I did get up early again this morning which meant I was able to accomplish some things this morning. I took the time to scrub the fish tank which made it look so much brighter and I changed the water in our beta, Mr. Blue's tank. YAY for getting things done!

1. Another thing that brightened my day today was seeing two of my cats basically holding paws. It was so cute I had to snap a photo. AWW!!! Feel the love! :)

2. I also wanted to share something new Joe and I are going to try. Canning! Yep it's all about yummy food and I think it would be wonderful to be able to make our own jams and jellies as well as pickles and other fun things. Hopefully one day when I have a good garden going I will be able to preserve what we can't readily eat which will mean yummy home grown veggies through the year. Check out what we've got to get started.

We do need to get jars, lids and the pectin to make the jam but we're going to give fig jam a try. We have a good sized fig tree in our backyard that tends to produce a good amount of fruit that we've never known what to do with. Hopefully we'll get some good fruit before the birds get to it all so we can try to make jam.

3. Today was also a crafty day. I decided to try a design that is in the latest Scrapbooks Etc. magazine. It's a neat card that folds and has a pocket where you can include a special message or maybe even a picture. It's a fun idea that you could use to make cards for so many occasions.

It was also a good day because I was able to spend time with Joe. I also got to hang out with Pam and Kalah for craft time. Pam brought over yummy pasta that we had with bread and Kalah brought cookies. Overall it was a great day. So far focusing on the positive has been a wonderful thing. I think by day seven things will be fabulous and anything that's not will be stuff I can cope with.

If you're playing along with the Three Good Things challenge and are posting it on your blog, post your blog address in the comments so I can follow you and see how things are going. Let's focus on some fun positive things and see how great life is.


  1. Man, we need to live closer. Then we could have a canning party and can together. It never seems like that much of a chore when you have someone else to do it with!

  2. Yes we do need to live closer! Things like canning are always more fun with friends. :)


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