Panda Love

Garden Update! My little praying mantis friend is still keeping residence in my zucchini plant. HA HA HA. I saw him again when I was out watering the plants and he looks like he's getting bigger. I don't mind him living there because likely he's helping eat all the other bugs that might try and eat my zucchini. I don't usually like bugs but since he doesn't bother me I'm ok with it. HA HA HA!

Anyway, I wanted to share the cutest cuteness that Joe and I got today for bebe.

The onesies were so cute and I actually saw the My Mommy Loves Me one online which is why we walked into Old Navy. When we were there we found the cute koala one on clearance and the I <3 Dad because... shirt was too cute to pass up. Plus it had the cute back to it and of course it's pandas so I'm all over it!

There were a couple of other cute things we saw at Old Navy too. Check these out:

I can't even handle how cute they were. Plus the fact that the front said one thing and the back said another. Ah the cuteness!!! I <3!!! They also had other cute baby outfits with giraffes, monkeys and lions. So cute! There were definitely tons of great options that were very gender friendly. Plus they were very affordable which was great.

Anyway just had to share the cuteness from today. It was fun to get some cute new things for baby. I hope everyone else had a good day today.


  1. Those are SO cute! I love the second shirt... Dad always has my back ;)

    I still am a bit jealous of your garden... I wish I could have one. Maybe someday.

  2. I know right Jenn. Seriously so adorable! We couldn't resist. Oh and one day you can totally have a garden. Mine is pretty shabby this year but it's definitely one of those work in progress things. I always recommend trying to grow something in a pot if you have a decent window because it's so fabulous to grow even one thing fresh. MMM. Good stuff!


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