It's All About the Cupcakes!

Ah my like for tasty lemon flavored desserts may pay off. I was checking out one of my new favorite blogs Ribbons, Recipes and Reading and saw that these special lemon cupcakes were inducing labor in women in Charlottesville, VA. Now I'm not one to try and rush nature but in the name of scientific research I might have to hit up some of the cupcake bakeries in the area and sample some lemon cupcakes. I figure worst that happens is I get to enjoy some tasty cupcakes. MMM!!!

The famous Lemon Drop cupcake. Their other cupcakes look amazing too.
If anyone in Vegas knows of a good place to get a lemon cupcake, or any great cupcake for that matter, let me know. We used to like Just Cupcakes but they disappeared off the face of the earth without warning. We have The Cupcakery near us which is ok though I don't think their flavor was ever as good as Just Cupcakes. Through the power of Yelp we found Retro Bakery which has some tasty cupcakes so we might have to pay a visit to Retro Bakery soon.


  1. oh my gosh! Thats awesome. I might be tempted to try it if I were you.

  2. Right! I'm all about a good cupcake so it's one thing I'd so be willing to try. HA HA HA!


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