A Beautiful Wedding

So I finally got our pictures uploaded from my best friends wedding. Joe and I made the drive all the way up to northern Utah to share in Kim & Andy's special day. It has been a while since we've been up to Utah and it was so beautiful. I forgot just how green it looks up there compared to Vegas.

The wedding itself was so beautiful and I did manage not to cry during the ceremony which was good because I did have a part doing a reading of Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You'll Go!. Kim of course put her personal twist on the story and made it perfect for the occasion.

Joe and I also had a good time helping out with the wedding by taking photos of guests in the "photo booth". It was such a cute idea and definitely helped to get pictures of most of the guests in attendance. Plus guests got to be silly and use "props" to have fun. Folks really enjoyed using the lips and mustaches to make funny faces which I'm sure Kim and Andy will enjoy for years to come.

We also were able to spend some time at my parents house. It was fun to enjoy time checking out my Mom's backyard and garden. We enjoyed my Mom's yummy cooking and fresh veggies. Mom and Dad even treated us to a crib, changing table and crib accessories for the new baby. It was convenient that we drove Joe's truck to UT as we were able to easily fit everything in the back and bring it back with us.

If you want to check out more of the wedding weekend photos you can check them out here. The bride was simply gorgeous and I love the skirts we had as bridesmaids. I even wore mine again to work today which is great because bridesmaid outfits you can wear more than once are fabulous! Ah I'm so happy for Kim and Andy. Cheers to a beautiful wedding weekend.


  1. Yes! I'm finally catching up on your blog. The wedding was so awesome and I'm so glad you guys could be there. I love the pictures you guys took!! Your moms yard is so amazing. I wish I had a yard like that!

  2. OMG right?!? My Mom is a master of the garden. One day I want to be like that. Her garden is so lush and everything is growing so big. I'm lucky to get a few veggies here and there. HA HA HA. Then again the fact it's blazing hot out here might have something to do with it too. HA HA HA!!! The wedding was AWESOME though! It was a very nice vacay for us and we're glad we could come up and be a part of all the fun.


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