Be a Better Me in 30 Days

Ok since Baby Mac is due in August I wanted to share a challenge that runs through August in case I'm not able to blog as regularly as I'd like. I am going to give the challenge a go because I figure no matter how much or how little I'm able to accomplish I'll be working towards being a better me. YAY! Remember, it's that whole 'what you focus on, expands' concept. The more you focus and work on something the more you're going to get out of it.

So, here's the details about the August challenge. For all the details visit this link. I have been following Celestine's blog through her newsletters and Twitter account for a while now. She writes a ton of great self improvement type of articles and has issued challenges like this in the past. I've never taken the time to participate in one of her challenges but I thought this would be something fun to do and working on self improvement didn't seem too daunting to accomplish even with a new baby. (Of course once baby is here I might change my mind but I still need things to work on so I don't end up sitting around all day in PJ's staring at the baby.)

So if you're in on the challenge be sure to follow these steps below to get signed up and make sure you get the daily tasks.
Here are the 3 steps you’ve to officially sign up now:
  1. Sign up for the TPEB newsletter and RSS Feed now. So you will receive all the tasks for the challenge – The daily tasks will be delivered to your inbox every day as they are posted.
  2. Post a comment here with your intention to sign up. (Make sure your email is the same as the one you used to sign up for the TPEB newsletter in #1)
  3. Share the challenge on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus so others can know about the challenge too! There are the convenient social media share buttons below you can use for this purpose.
Also don't forget to share with your friends if you join the challenge. Use #30BBM when you Tweet or post the details on your social network. If you're on Twitter be sure to follow my account so I can see what you're up to through the month.

I'll try to post my comments through the challenge here on my blog and I welcome you to share your comments here as well as on TPEB that way I don't miss your comments since there are already over 600 people signed up on TPEB. If you decide to sign up comment here and let me know and good luck to everyone who joins in.


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