Baby Mac Monday

Yay for another Baby Mac Monday. Joe and I had our final appointment with the perinatologist and everything is still looking good. We even found out that the baby has hair.

Yep you can't really tell what you're looking at but all the long lines the arrows are pointing at is hair. The ultrasound tech said the baby looks like it has a full head of hair. HE HE HE. Perhaps the correlation that lots of heartburn = lots of hair is correct.

Either way the Dr. said that everything is looking good. She also mentioned that in babies with chromosomal abnormalities they typically suffer from growth restriction and have arms/legs that are short. Everything is still measuring normally and the baby is weighing in at 6 pounds 10 ounces right now. The baby is definitely not small by any means. It will be interesting to see what the baby weighs in at when it's born.

Anyway if you want to check out the other ultrasound pics you can find them HERE. Baby still does not like to cooperate when pictures are being taken so the pics are all kind of blurry or hard to see what you're looking at. Lucky for us the ultrasound tech labeled everything so we won't forget what we're looking at.

I think it's time to get serious about making sure things are set up for the baby just in case he/she decides to make an early entrance into the world. :)


  1. Oh my gosh. You are getting to close! I am so excited for you. The baby is going to be perfect in every way!

  2. YAY! MAC Baby! So excited for baby's arrival :) XOXO!

  3. Yes it's so crazy how close we are now. It will be interesting to see when baby decides to make his/her arrival into the world. HE HE HE. I'm hoping not too early but I definitely don't want to go past our due date. At that point I think I'd be stuck lying around. HA!

  4. I am SO excited for you!!! : )

  5. Thanks Jenn. We're excited to meet baby. :)


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