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So today since I have some spare lunch time I thought I'd tackle another one of the 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits. Today we are tackling number 23 - Things You Are Procrastinating.

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.”
~ Napoleon Hill (American author, 1883-1970)

I'm not sure that thinking about the things I'm putting off will lift my spirits but I figure this is one of those lists that's supposed to inspire you back to action to complete the things you haven't done yet. So here we go...

Things I'm currently procrastinating...
  1. Starting my own business. I've had a Mary Kay business for quite some time now and though I always had fun doing it I haven't really ever taken it to a higher level. I think it's because I enjoyed it but I really have wanted to do something else. I want to have my own coaching business helping others to achieve their goals and dreams and I'd like to do some sort of crafting business on the side for spare income. I definitely haven't made as much progress as I'd like though I do have some pieces of a plan together.
  2. Getting ready to give birth. Sadly this is one of those things that is totally inevitable and I'll either be prepared or I won't. I finally decided I was going to give the Bradley Method a try since I would like to have a natural birth. My Mom has us natural and my cousin's wife had her three babies natural too so I think it's definitely possible.
  3. Learning a second language. Maybe also a third and a fourth if I ever get past second. HA HA HA! I really have little excuse not to get going on this. I have a book to learn Spanish and a computer program to learn Japanese. Plus I know at least with my old phone you could download apps to help you learn a language. 
My next steps...
  1. I need to decide on what coaching school/program I want to sign up for. I need to figure out what it will cost and how quickly I can save that money so I can afford to go. In the meantime I need to keep refining my plans about what I'd like to do as a coach so I'll have some direction. I also need to just take the plunge and start working on my crafty ideas. I figure I can always get some things up for sale on Etsy and see how things fair. I can also start working on networking, following others blogs and working on getting my name out there. You've got to start somewhere so I might as well get going on some baby steps.
  2. I have the book I just need to be smart about setting some time aside each day to read it so Joe and I can start to be prepared. I want him to be able to be involved in the birth of our baby and luckily for me he's excited to be supportive in any way he can for me. I definitely am blessed with a wonderful husband.
  3. I need to pick the languages I want to learn. For me it's Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. I then need to start working through the lessons and just practice on a regular basis. Joe also wants to learn at least one language with me so we'll have to see what we do first. I know if nothing else I can start on Japanese since that's already on our computer at home.
So the question is now why do I put off the things I want to do most. Maybe I'm afraid to actually try... Maybe it's because I spend too much time doing things that aren't truly important. Either way I need to better organize my life and my life's purpose so I can say no to the things that don't bring me closer to my goals and dreams and yes to the things that will. I know that once you clearly define what your purpose is and why you're doing it that makes it a lot easier to see what you should be doing and then it's just a matter of making the simple decisions to get those things done. I do know I need to further define my next steps but I figured why bore you with all the minute details. I think this at least gives me something to work on now.

Is anyone else procrastinating something they should be working on? Or are you one of those people who always manages to get things done? I'd love to hear any tips/tricks for working through procrastination or your story of how you overcame and succeeded at your goal. That's always fun. :)


  1. Right. I feel I need to work a little more on defining my goals so I can move forward. I just might do that tonight. :)

  2. You have some good goals. I procrastinate everything!

  3. Thanks Kaycee. I totally understand. I hate that I procrastinate so often. It's definitely something I need to work on more.


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