Baby Mac Monday

Today is Baby Mac Monday. We visited the Dr. again today and got to see the baby. Baby has been moving around quite a bit and definitely seems to be taking up more space lately. For now we're seeing the Dr. every two weeks and when it gets closer we'll be going in every week. Since we've made it to the third trimester it's going very quickly now.

The Dr. said everything looks good with the baby. From the measurements it looks like the baby is at 3 pounds 13 ounces. The Dr. said the baby is in the higher percentile for 30 weeks and if the baby keeps growing at this rate the baby will be 8-9 pounds at birth. WOO! Big baby. (Though technically the baby needs to be over 9lbs 15 oz for it to be considered macrosomic.) I talked to my Mom and apparently her Mom's kids were all around 6 pounds, my brother and I were in the 7 pound range so it looks like I may top them all. HA HA HA!

The Dr. said if I watch my carbs and sugars that will help so the baby doesn't grow too fast. I guess carbs and sugars really make the baby grow and it's not bad to watch since it will help me with overall weight gain. I'm not looking to go on a diet by any means but I will try to eat wheat or whole grain options for carbs and if I have sweets I'll try to stick with natural sweets like fresh fruits. I'll also be more regular about exercising. I finally busted out my prenatal yoga video again the other day and was very pleased I made it through it and I felt really good afterwards. Joe and I will also start walking when we have time off together and I have some light weights I can use to work out my arms. I figure I better stay toned so I can push a stroller and carry a car seat. HA HA HA!

This is one of our ultrasound pictures from today. Baby Mac opened his/her mouth while we were spying on him/her. It is kind of grainy because the Dr. had to zoom in or something but it was just the cutest thing to see on the screen when we were there. It's a profile picture so you're looking at it from the side. 

I think I'm going to want to get some sort of support belt/band for my belly. I already feel like my poor belly is too heavy so as Baby Mac gets bigger I'm sure it will only get worse. I'm also thinking it might be time to put lotion on my belly three times a day instead of just two. HA HA HA. Oh evil stretch marks how I am trying to avoid you... GRR...

Oh and Joe and I are going to be attempting to use the Bradly method for the birth. A friend recommended THIS book so we picked it up and are going to give it a try. I figure if it works then great and if I don't love it I can always look into other options in the future. I of course am hopeful for a natural birth but I also won't rule out other medical interventions if they become necessary for the baby. I'm crossing my fingers Baby Mac doesn't get too big so we can have as normal and natural birth as possible.

Ok so that's our latest update on Baby Mac. If you have any tips/advice about labor and delivery I'm open to hearing them. I don't need horror stories or anything like that but if there was something you wish you knew before going in that's what would be most helpful. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. :)


  1. Wow, you look beautiful! I cannot believe it is getting so close! It seems like it is going so fast! I bet you are just so excited for the baby to arrive in a few months! I am so excited for you guys!

  2. I am so excited for you!!!!! The pics are always so fun, though I can never figure out how to read them :)

  3. That is the ultra sound pics... I know how to read normal pics :)

  4. Thanks Tiffany and Mecqae. The time is getting closer and closer. It's definitely getting exciting and a bit scary too. :)


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