Pre-Mother's Day WIN!

So tonight I tried out a new recipe. Joe left me with his mom's mom's recipe for banana bread. YAY MOM's!!! It was seriously so easy and quick. I had a slice with a little butter on it (that was Joe's recommendation and it was tasty!) with a glass of milk and it was the perfect late night snack. Yes I realize it's only 10:20pm right now but for me that's a late night. HA HA HA! Hey it's a lot of work to incubate a human. :)

Nom nom!!! Yummy banana bread!
I'd totally make this again. Also I did include the walnuts the recipe called for but I pulverized them into tiny pieces because I #1 don't typically like nuts in baked goods and #2 don't really like walnuts in general. It was still tasty and I think I only tasted one walnut when I was eating my slice. YUM! Oh and those red pieces are maraschino cherries. Not something I've had in banana bread before but very tasty.


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