Happy Mother's Day!

I feel like I am so lucky and so blessed. I have an amazing mom who I love and respect so much. If I can be even just a percentage like my mom I know I'll be doing a good job as a mother. It's amazing how as you grow you up really start to understand the phrases your mom would say like "I remember when you were this little". Now that I'm actually on the verge of adding the title of "mom" to my journey through life I can see at least a little bit just how much my mom loves me. Obviously we'll see how things go once our baby is born but I think I've realized more that unconditional motherly love that I don't think you fully grasp until you're a mom too. Truly I was always amazed when my mom would tell me she'd love me no matter what even if I failed or committed a crime. I guess that's just part of being a great mom.

My Mom and I in Kona, HI - October 2010

I do have tremendous respect for all mothers out there. I am certain it's not easy and really is a life long commitment. I am hoping that I'll be a good mom. Sometimes I'm not really sure because it's so different for me. I've never been the kind to play with baby dolls or want kids all my life. It's a new opportunity and I hope that somehow I'll be successful.

Joe and I with my mom's parents in Kona, HI - October 2010

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day. If you have a great mom that is there for you, that you love and respect let her know today. I know people who's moms have passed or who weren't always there for them and to know that I have a mom that is still here for me and who has always loved me no matter what crap I put her through I am lucky. No mom may be "perfect" but I love my mom because to me she is my perfect mom.

So cheers to all you mothers out there, the mother's to be and those who are like mothers to those around them. To the mothers who adopt or foster kids. To the moms who fight to provide the things their children need. To the moms who never give up on their kids and love them no matter what. To the single moms, the grandmothers and the great grandmothers. To all the women who are trying to becoming moms or who will be mom's one day. To the stay at home moms, work at home moms and working moms. You are amazing! You deserve to be recognized every day for the great things you do. For instilling values in your kids, for teaching them how to be productive members of society for leading by example and for all the love you give. CHEERS!


  1. Nice post! you are going to be one great mom!

  2. Thanks Kaycee! I hope I'm a good mom. :)


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