Return of the Mac

WOO HOO!  I just wanted to post a quick update that we were able to see our tiny baby Mac today.  He/she is weighing in at 1 pound 2 oz right now and according to the Dr's is right on track with all his/her measurements.  We saw the perinatologist and a fetal cardiologist (don't know if that's what he's really called but he basically did an echo on the kid just by looking at stuff on the monitor. Ah technology!) today and they said everything looks great.  If you're interested in checking out the most recent ultrasound pictures you can check them out HERE.

Hello baby Mac!  We love you!

Oh and speaking of babies does anyone have an opinion on spending money on a crib?  We have seen a lot of great cribs at Babies-r-Us that can convert to toddler beds as the child grows up but we've also had it suggested to just use a Pack n' Play type thing instead as an alternative to spending the big bucks on a crib.  My thought is the Pack n' Play doesn't look near as comfy as a full crib does and I worry that it wouldn't be as supportive as an actual mattress.  If you have any thoughts/opinions on the subject please share!  :)


  1. Heather, that is so amazing!! Thank you for sharing! I am so happy for both of you and the new baby to come!
    Can't wait for more updates! Sorry I don't have any baby item suggestions~ :)

  2. Hey it's all good! I'm glad you were able to check out baby Mac. YAY! I'll definitely be putting any updates here on our blog. We're very excited though sometimes it's definitely scary. It will be neat to meet the little one when the time comes though. :)

  3. I have done both the Pack n play and the crib ... my first we did the criib second we did pack n play and then this last one I went and got a crib again.. I still have the packn play and love it it is quick and easy and nice for travel or outside but I really like having the crib at home and moving into the toddler and bed.. my opinion lol
    good luck in shopping and deciding baby looks wonderful glad everything is going well!! :)

  4. I recommend the pack 'n play for the first few weeks, if you plan on having baby in your room, it is something you can use all the time on trips. But for long term I definitely recommend a crib, you have more options for the mattress as far as how low/high it is and if you want to tilt it a little, that is just my thoughts, we've done the crib since day one for both of our girls.

  5. cute picture!
    I suggest a crib for full time sleeping, like at night and while at home. Pack n plays are good when traveling. I wouldn't have them sleep in it all the time.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions on the pack n play vs crib debate. Turns out my parents are going to get us a crib which will be awesome so I really don't have to worry about it. I'm excited too because I really like the idea of the baby having it's own bed instead of something that's more made for travel/play. YAY for all the other moms who have already gone before me. :)


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