I Love Long Weekends

This past weekend Joe and I both took some time off work so we could spend the entire weekend together.  It was awesome because we caught a couple shows, worked around the house and just enjoyed our time together.

On Saturday we went and saw Le Reve at the Wynn which was a neat show.  Those performers are so talented.  It's amazing.

Waiting for the show to start.
The stage was below all the fog.
After the show we went to the Melting Pot for dinner.  If only we had remembered to take more pics of the food.  Everything was presented really nicely and it was a very fun experience.  Definitely will cost you to dine there but it was fun to enjoy together.  We did manage to get one picture of part of our dinner.  YUMMY!

Lobster, salmon, chicken, steak, filet, shrimp... YUM!

On Sunday we went and saw the Jabbawokeez at the Monte Carlo.  The Jabbawokeez was awesome but we were so close to the stage it was incredibly loud.  It was a very entertaining show though and they had a variety of music including more current hits to older 80's and 90's stuff.  It was fun.  If you're into that kind of thing I totally recommend it.  Even Joe enjoyed the show and he's not one to watch America's Best Dance Crew or anything like that.  HE HE HE. 

After Jabbawokeez we went out for sushi which was yummy.  Actually we ate at Yummy Sushi.  HA!  We've been there a couple times before and the sushi chefs are always nice and the food has always been good.  I'm working on figuring out what my favorite items are but many of them have to wait until after the baby.  I'm still all about a good roll that's got cooked fish though.  MMM...

On Monday we took the time to go out and start our baby registry at Babies-r-Us.  That was a fun yet frightening experience.  It was fun because we got to go and work on it together but it was scary because that stuff is NOT cheap.  I mean I always knew baby stuff was expensive but sheesh...  We've still got some things to research and refine on our wish list but at least we have a starting point and we found a lot of cute things we both really love.  Our baby had better like animals though.  HA HA HA!!!

Oh and we also spent time cleaning up around the house.  I finished planting our garden and got that looking good and Joe spent his time in the garage cleaning that up.  It looks amazing and you could actually fit a car in there now.  HA HA HA!  I'll have to upload the before and after pics from the garden because those are awesome.  We actually had the crew from Transition Services Yards 4 You program come out and weed and clean up our backyard.  Seriously when you see the "before" pictures you'll understand why I was more than happy to pay someone to take care of it instead of just doing it myself.  OY!  That and being pregnant makes me less excited about being bent over in the backyard pulling weeds.  Plus Transition Services programs are fabulous and it's a great way to help provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities.  They did an amazing job too and I'd definitely contact them again.


  1. I'm so jealous of your super awesome weekend! Sounds totally amazing.

  2. OMG it was so awesome!!! We had such a good time. We were actually thinking of doing some sort of vacation but we figured staying in town and just doing a couple fun things would be cheaper. Plus when we were looking to plan a trip I wasn't feeling well so I didn't want to commit to a 7 hour car drive if I was going to be sick the whole time. HA HA HA!

  3. That sounds awesome! I love going to the Melting Pot. We went there in a big group a couple weeks ago and it was soooo much fun. Love the melty cheese and chocolate!!

  4. The Melting Pot was yummy. I decided I need to do that at home because it would be awesome. MMM... That might end up being this weekends meal. HA HA HA!


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