The Evenings Adventure

So tonight I took the time to file away more of my papers that were found when we were cleaning the house.  After I got that done my craft table was clear so I decided to work on a project I'd meant to do for a while.  I had some blank cards and decided to add some stuff to them to make them a little more festive.

I now have a set of homemade thank you cards that I can use.  I didn't do anything really difficult and they're really quite basic but I like them.

When I finished cleaning up from my card making adventure I came out and found Minx perched on the couch.

HA HA HA!  She cracks me up.  She doesn't look all that pleased that I wanted to take her picture.  Oh well, I thought she looked cute sitting there so I took the picture anyway.  I think her revenge was looking angry.  Silly kitty.

It's definitely bed time now.  ZZZZ....


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