Been there... Done that...

Today is the day for some serious "spring cleaning".  The house is already looking better and better which is wonderful.  I love a clean house!  Now if only I could get into the habit of keeping it clean all the time.  HA HA HA!!! 

I made raspberry white chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Joe will be happy when he wakes up.

My craft room is already coming together very nicely.  I have a few items that need to be put away, packed up or donated but other than that the room actually looks like you could sit down and get something done.  This is fabulous because I need to work on my scrapbook from our DC trip and our honeymoon. 

Oreo loves the new clean room. HE HE HE...
So for today's post I'm going back to my 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits.  Today I am tackling list #3 Places You've Been.  Anywhere I list I've either lived in or actually stepped foot in.  I'm not counting anywhere I've driven through or flew over.  HA HA HA!!!

1. Hawaii (Kona, Hilo, Maui, Kauai, Oahu)

Before we went up to the Haleakala crater.

2. California (both southern and northern CA)

Yay giant pandas!

3. Utah (Salt Lake City area and northern UT)

At my old high school, Bingham High School.

4. Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno, Boulder City)

Yay Vegas sign!

5. Atlanta (just for a work trip once)

6. Idaho (Idaho Falls and Boise)

7. Washington DC (over Memorial Day weekend)

Waiting for the Metro.

8. Gettysburg (a quick trip through during our DC trip)

Joe taking pics during our quick drive through.

9. Michigan (for a friends wedding)

10. Texas (Dallas for MK Seminar)

This was actually at Career Conference in UT but it was still fun.

In an upcoming post I'll tackle list #4 Places You Want to Go so check back to see that list.


  1. Oh my gosh, girl.You are so flippin cute. I love looking at all your pics. Seriously, that craft room is amazing! I'm so jealous. Andy says I can set up a sewing/office/crafty room if I want but then I wonder what I would craft or work on? But now you've got me thinking about scrapbooks. That actually sounds like fun and I haven't done one in years. Plus- white chocolate chips in muffins? Why the heck didn't I think of that! I'm salivating. It's funny because I just finished doing a major cleaning job on the house before I sat down to read this. The only sad part- it's not spring anymore. Winter decided to make a comeback. Stupid snow.

  2. your craft room looks nice and orderly.

    You've been to some cool places! cute pictures!

  3. Kim seriously it's all about the craft room/office. I have all my scrapbooking stuff there plus the sewing machine my mom got me that still remains in the box. OY! I need to whip that out and make me some skirts for summer. HE HE HE.

    Oh and seriously the white chocolate chips in the muffins are so good. I'm not a white chocolate person at all but these are good. I actually just use the Lehi Roller mix you can get in UT and add the chocolate chips when I'm mixing up the batter. Works fabulous every time!

    Thanks Kaycee. I now love my craft room. There's so many cool things I'd love to have for it but perhaps one day when I'm independently wealthy and have more time to craft. HA HA HA!


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