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Ah it's been quite a week but I'm back and today I felt inspired to post something about the things that mean the most to me. I have decided to tackle that through one of my 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits. Today I'm writing on 38. Things that inspire and energize you.

1. My husband Joe. He is always a good example to me because he's always thinking through things, planning for the future and looking out for the best for us. He definitely inspires and energizes me. I want to be a better person when I'm around him.

2. Baby Mac. Ah yes my little unborn soul that I don't even know. I can say that some days I am afraid for what's to come but other days I'm excited about the prospects of trying to raise a tiny little life. I can only hope I'll be a good mother but if nothing else having a baby does make me want to do more and be more so I can set a positive example of setting goals and shooting for your dreams.

3. My family. Though we've never been super close or spent tons of time together I do know that we love each other and want to see good things for each of us. I completely understand why people end up moving closer to family because I would love to spend more time with my family. Plus nothing beats mom's cooking and that is always a good thing.

4. My awesome friends. Oh yes, you keep me inspired to do more and reach my goals. Plus friends definitely energize me and make me happy. It's also awesome to see friends grow and reach their goals and dreams. That is always an awesome thing.

I didn't want to single out any friends because I have awesome peeps so here is my cat.
5. Gardening, crafting and cooking. I love to do the things that I simply love to do. They make me happy and are enjoyable learning experiences on their own. I enjoy creating things and making new recipes. Plus it's always fun to share the things you've accomplished with others.

6. Personal development and health and wellness. I admit, I'm a self help junkie of sorts. I am always looking to learn something new that will better improve me as a person or help me acquire knowledge. I also understand the importance of being healthy both physically and mentally. It's always a work in progress but I figure if you're not moving forward you're moving backwards so as long as you keep working on things I figure eventually things will work out.

7. Enjoying life. It's all about experiencing the great things that are available and doing what makes you happy. Life is too short to do things you don't enjoy. Life is also too short to be surrounded by negative people who pull you down. I am committing to work on changing the things I can control and getting over the things I can't. Plus now is not the time to be stressed with baby Mac trying to grow and develop.

8. Honesty and Integrity. I absolutely respect people who can be accountable for their actions. Those people who are willing to stand up for what's right now matter what are amazing. There have been so many examples of people who would die for their cause throughout history and I love when people can question authority even if nothing comes from it right away. Basically I feel all you have is your reputation so you have to be honest and have integrity or people won't trust you.

9. Helping others. It's so true the more you give, the more you get. Maybe it's karma, maybe it's a higher power blessing those who bless others or maybe it's just part of being human. When you can help those who need you it just makes you feel good. If I could do what the Secret Millionaire show does on a regular basis that would be amazing. The more I live the more I know all I want to do is help others.

10. Peace. It's been on my mind a lot lately and finding peace I feel is so inspiring. Those who can achieve peace despite what's going on around them are amazing. I want to be able to better manage my emotions and really live the idea that it's not what happens to you, it's how you react to what happens to you. I want to be that better person who can shrug it off and move on. I don't want to hold grudges or be angry over things I have no control over. I want to achieve peace in my life.

So, what inspires you and energizes you?


  1. What a great list! You have a great life and you will be an awesome mom!

  2. Great list. The picture of your cat totally cracks me up. I wish I was sacked out like that right now instead of at work. I need to take some time to put into perspective some of the things that inspire me and that I'm thankful for. Especially right now when so many good things are happening/about to happen.

  3. Thanks Kaycee and Kim! You guys are awesome. I definitely love taking the time to write these lists because it really does make you think about the good things you've got going on vs. all the crappy things that are just not fun to deal with. I need to decide on a new list for this week and get going on that. :)


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