Quick Update on Baby Mac

It's definitely late for me right now but that's ok.  I ended up enjoying three great things tonight.  A night out with a great friend, a trip to the craft store and yummy food.  HA HA HA!!!  Pam and I went to Michael's where she got an AWESOME scrapbook and then we hit Sammy's Woodfire Pizza for some nummy duck tacos, coconut shrimp and pizza.  MMMM!!!  YUM!

Leftovers waiting for Joe to come home and have them as a snack.  :)

Anyway, for those following our updates about Baby Mac my super awesome IT guys at work were able to convert the DVD of our 20 week ultrasound into a video we could upload and share.  Since it does have some personal information on it it's only viewable if you have the link.  So if you have about 8 minutes to spare and want to see the video of our baby let me know and I'll email you the link. 

Ok now it's really time for me to get ready for bed.  Seriously 9:30 has now gotten to be a time where I am usually in bed and ready to sleep.  HA HA HA!  But I guess I better sleep now while I can.  Who knows how much sleep I'll get once Baby Mac makes his/her debut.  :)


  1. Duck tacos? what? Sounds interesting. I haven't watched the video yet but I'm going to after work tonight. I also need to talk to you about the dates that I could come for a visit. Time is going to so fast. Ahh!

  2. Oh yes! They are so good! They're these mini tacos and they have pieces of duck (think cooked chicken breast), tomatoes, feta cheese and this sauce (think a sour cream type sauce). They're really good. MMM...

    Oh and yes let's pick some dates so I can plan on it. Time is definitely flying by.


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