Oh the Places You Will Go

Ok I'm tackling list #27 - The ways you have grown since your early 20’s.  If you want to check out the other lists and join in the fun check out the original post 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits.  I figured this would be a great first list to start with since I just turned 30.  Here is my top 10 things I've learned that have helped me grow into the person I am today.

I have learned that...

1. there is no better time than the present to get things done.

2. true friends will always be there for you no matter how far apart you are or how long you've gone between seeing/speaking to each other. Good friends are worth the investment of your time, kindness and friendship.

3. life is an ongoing work in progress. Learn from the past, do what you can in the present and plan for a future that's so bright and amazing you'll have to wear sunglasses. :)

4. the only mistakes that are truly mistakes are the ones you don't learn from.  There is always something new to learn from every experience you go through.

5. you must know exactly what you want if you want to live your very own fairy tale.

6. no matter how hard you work and how amazing you are there will always be someone to rain on your parade. Don't let them! You are amazing no matter what.

7. finding your true love and best friend is well worth the wait.

8. no matter what you're going through or how bad it seems there will always be someone out there going through something worse so be kind, be compassionate and love each other. It could always be worse so search deep and find that silver lining.  It might not be obvious today but if you are open to learning you'll find it.

9. you shouldn't be afraid to try something new. Take the first step, walk into the unknown and see what life has in store for you. You never know where life's adventures will take you.

10. you are worth it. You deserve to be loved, to have it all, to live the life of your dreams and to be everything you were intended to be. You must learn to love yourself so that others can love you and you can teach that to those around you.

My wedding day.
Some of these lessons that I've learned are still works in progress.  It's not like I turned 30 and magically had all the answers, did all the right things and became perfect.  Please.  I've just learned some things are very important and others aren't worth the stress.  Fight for what you believe in, stand up for yourself and never let anyone tell you you're anything short of fabulous.  If you're willing to work at it you can have the life of your dreams.


  1. Happy birthday ~ Late it seems :)
    I love the lists~
    Thank you for sharing! I love it when a post comes across my google reader from you! :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Better late than never. :) Plus my b-day fell on Super Bowl Sunday this year which was interesting. I'm liking the list idea because it's easy to post something. Plus I'm just working on figuring out when I can post so I can do it a little more consistently. I always love when I see something from you too. You're always doing something cute and creative and your pictures are always fabulous!!!

  3. cute post! love that picture. you've learned alot of good stuff in your 30 yrs.


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