The Best Things In Life Are Free...

...but if I had all the money in the world there are definitely some things I would choose to do.  Which brings us to list #17. Everything You Would Do if Money Were No Object from the 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits.  I felt drawn to this list so I figured hey when inspiration hits let's do this thing.  Plus it will be interesting to see if later on down the road the list changes.

1. I would travel.  Yes if money weren't an object I would take one grand vacation every year and probably multiple small ones through the year too.  I'd love to see Japan and China, though Japan is definitely not in any shape to handle tourists right now.  (If you want to help click HERE for more details on how you can get involved.)  I'd also love to see Europe and visit all 50 states.  Plus there are so many great National Parks that would be awesome to see if I had all the money in the world I'd definitely explore and experience many great places, cultures and foods.  MMM!!!

Yummy fruity tropical goodness!

2. I would quit working.  Well not entirely.  I'd actually like to have my own business helping people achieve their goals and dreams and if I didn't have to worry about money I'd definitely quit and focus on that full time.  I have always known I wanted to help others and I love to work with people who are interested in self improvement and making better futures for themselves and their loved ones.

On our Mud Bugs and Waterfalls excursion.

3. I would go back to school.  Ah to finish and have a degree.  I think I'd like to do that just for the personal satisfaction of knowing I could finish something I started.  I think I'd get a degree in Social Work but I also like the creative world of web/graphic design so I might have to double major or something.  Plus I love to learn so I see no cons in finishing my education and learning more.

At the top of Diamond Head on Oahu.

4. I would pay off my parents debts.  House, car, anything...  If it was a debt I'd pay it off.  I'd also make sure they had a stash of money so they would never have to worry about their own personal care once the time comes.  I'd make sure they had the best that money could buy and would never want for anything.

When dinosaurs attack!!!

5. I'd spend more time volunteering and giving to causes that are important to me.  I love volunteering and being able to work with other volunteers who share the same cause of helping others is awesome.  I'd also love to be able to continue doing the "Adopt-a-Family" program every holiday season but doubling the number of families I take every year.  Then again if money were no object I'd adopt any family who needed the help.  There are so many great individuals out there doing amazing work it'd be nice to be able to contribute to help those who are doing wonderful things to make this world a better place.

At Jamba Juice with Sharka. I love the tropical flavors they had in HI.

6. I'd spend more time on me.  I want to read more books, learn to really garden well, learn to cook all sorts of fancy and not so fancy foods, I want to play the piano again, I want to learn to play another instrument, I want to learn to speak Japanese...  Oh there's so much I'd love to pursue if I had the money and the time.  I'm slowly working on many of these things but it is always easier to do things when you don't have to care how much it costs.

In front of a short lava tube you can explore with my Mom in Kona.

7. I'd do everything to get anything my brother needs to be comfortable and happy.  My brother has some health issues that haven't been able to be resolved and I hate to see him hurting and unhappy and I also hate to see my parents having to worry about him and deal with the results of him being unable to address his needs.  Plus I would never want him to have to be without family near by and I certainly don't feel qualified to take care of anyone but if money were no object I could pay top dollar for a well qualified live in professional, I could provide a private space for him to live in and any medical needs he has could be paid for without worry.

Shave ice...  Oh how I love thee!!!

8. I'd help my mother and father in law with whatever financial needs they had.  They are super people and have been nothing but open and welcoming to me since I started dating their son.  They still to this day support and uplift me whenever I see them or hear from them.  I would absolutely do whatever I could to help them with any of their needs.  Plus they are always doing nice things for us from helping to clean up around the house to getting me cute maternity clothes to wear.  I would want to make sure they were always taken care of.

On the USS Arizona Memorial.

9. I'd spoil my extended family.  Ah all my cousins kids, aunts, uncles, grandparents...  They have all made my life so wonderful and though I can't see them always I would definitely want to make sure their needs were met too.  Plus if money were no object I could afford to visit them any time at least once a year to see how things are going and to be more involved in their lives.  I have so many positive memories of the times hanging out with my family that I would like to be able to help them just for being so awesome.

My grandparents on my Mom's side.  I want to see them more often.

10. I'd make sure my children were always taken care of.  Now not in that spoiled brat sort of way.  I would expect my children to respect the value of money, I'd expect them to work jobs and to get good grades in school.  I would not dish out a BMW to my 16 year old kid who has 0 experience driving a car.  I would however make sure they could attend the school of their choice as long as they were doing their part to learn the material and get good grades.  I'd provide experiences for them traveling and learning from the many historical sites you can visit.  I would make sure they could always visit their grandparents and extended families so they wouldn't ever grow up feeling like they don't know their relatives.  I hope to be a good parent and raise children that are compassionate, hard working members of society.

With my Auntie Lori and Uncle Aki in front of their house.

So, one day when I've worked hard and accomplished my goals and dreams I know I'll be able to help others do the same.  I know that somehow I'll be able to make a lot of these really come true because I've known for quite some time now that I was meant to do something special in my time here on earth.  I doubt I'll realize it until well after it's done but when you pursue your life with passion and purpose I feel anyone can achieve the things they want.  It's like the thought that whenever you're complaining it can't be done, someone else out there is already doing it.  Never say never.  Always dream big.


  1. I think about this all the time. I think "oh man, all the good I could do if I didn't have to worry about money." And its' true. I would volunteer, and do as much as I can for other people. Sometimes it makes me really frustrated not to be able to do more.

  2. RIGHT?!?! I always thing well if I were independently wealthy I could do so much good in the world. But I guess I need to earn my wealth so I can share it. It is frustrating though when you see people with such need and want to do so much more than you can at the time. Ah one day though... :)


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