The Best of 2010-2011

In continuing my pursuit of completing all 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits today I am taking on #8. The Best Things That Happened in the Last Year.  I am counting my year from March 23, 2010 to March 23, 2011 because in that time frame a lot has happened and it kicks off with one of my best things for the past year.

1. On March 23, 2010 I married the man of my dreams, the most perfect partner for me, the sweetest and kindest person and my absolute best friend Joe.  If nothing else he has made my year absolutely amazing no matter what the ups and downs were.  Plus the wedding itself was such a great time.  I saw friends I hadn't seen in forever, the food was yummy and the cake was oh so tasty.  I am blessed to have such great people in my life.  My mom's friend made the cake, another friend my mom knows is a judge and she married us, my relatives helped by bringing the fresh leis from Hawaii and the favors, my uncle who's a travel agent helped us book an amazing honeymoon and my aunt sent us a truly generous gift that allowed us to take a wonderful honeymoon together.  It was such a special day.

Cutting the cake. We had yummy cake with passion fruit filling.

2. On September 30, 2010 I started my vacation for our honeymoon to Hawaii.  We had a BLAST and I absolutely think this vacation ranks as one of the best in my entire life.  We took a 7 day cruise around the islands which was so fun and such a great experience and then stayed 7 days on Waikiki right on the beach.  Seriously my Uncle Terry who is a travel agent hooked us up big time and my Aunt Karen gave us the most wonderful gift to be able to go on this great of a trip.  We loved spending the time together away from all the responsibilities of work and at that point Joe was done with school too.  We enjoyed some fun excursions that definitely created some amazing memories.  We loved the Mud Bugs and Waterfalls excursion that took us four wheeling across the lush island of Kauai.  It was great!

We got very dirty but it was so worth it. Behind us is where they filmed parts of Jurassic Park.

3. On October 30, 2010 we hosted our annual Halloween party at our house.  It was awesome because Joe invited friends from his work and I invited friends from mine and we had a blast.  There was SO much food to eat and we definitely went all out decorating.  It was also awesome to hear Kalah's contagious laugh while we watched the "Scary Movie" series.  Totally awesome!  It is so nice to be able to share fun events like that with great friends.

Holla at my girls!!!

4. On December 05, 2010 we found out we are expecting our first baby!  The news was exciting and shocking at the same time.  We're very excited though and so our our families.  This will definitely open a new chapter in our lives together.  As of right now we are NOT planning on finding out the sex of the baby.  We'd like it to be a surprise.  We have acquired a few items for the baby but not much yet.  We got a car seat and a high chair thing but only because Babies-r-Us had an event where you could trade in something old and get 25% off something new and Joe's family had some old baby gear we could trade in.  Having those items in the house definitely made things seem more real.

Hard to read but it does say PREGNANT!

5. On December 10, 2010 I dropped off our donations to the HELP of Southern Nevada Adopt a Family program.  This year we decided instead of spending a ton on each other we would adopt a family in need and provide a happy holiday for them.  We purchased toys, clothes and food that were given to a single mom and her young son.  We hope it helped make their holiday bright because we know it was a great experience for us.  I hope we are always fortunate enough to be able to continue this and make it an annual family tradition.

Dropping off our three bags of donated items.
6. On January 6, 2011 we were able to tell my family about the baby.  My family had come into town for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for my brother.  We wanted to tell them together but Joe had to work so I went to dinner with them and came home.  I got a late call from my parents saying there was an issue with the hotel and Jared needed to come stay over at the house.  They came over and we got him set up and luckily Joe got off work early.  Since we didn't have any clue if we'd all be together again before they went home we decided then was as good as any to tell them the news.  They were excited which was fun and it was great we were able to tell them together.

Since I didn't have a pic of surprising my parents I offer a pic of my cats overwhelming me on the couch. :P
7. On February 6, 2011 we shared my birthday with friends.  This year my birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday so we were able to go over to my friend Pam's house to watch the game and celebrate my birthday.  Pam's mom and dad had cooked some SUPER yummy things (seriously I think I still dream about that potato salad) and Pam even baked me a yummy red velvet cake.  Kalah was there for part of the day too and even though she was rooting for the Steelers and Joe is a Green Bay fan we all managed to get along.  HE HE HE.  Pam even got me a super cute Hello Kitty clock that is now in my office (still needing batteries because I keep forgetting to get them, doh). 

In case I need a nap at work, I'll be sure to wake up.

After the game was won.

8. On February 14, 2011 my sweetest ever husband surprised me with Valentine's Day treats at work.  He sent a beautiful Orchid plant along with the most wonderful chocolate covered strawberries.  It was a wonderful surprise since we'd both agreed we weren't getting gifts for each other for Valentine's Day.  Joe is so sweet to spoil me.  He always makes me feel so loved and special.  Our front desk ladies even decided that my Valentine's gift was the best out of all the deliveries.  HE HE HE...

Beautiful flowers!
Yummy chocolate covered strawberries. They were amazing!
9. On March 7, 2011 we had an appointment with a Perinatologist.  At my last OB appointment the blood test results had showed a higher than average risk for Down Syndrome for someone of my age.  We met with a Genetic Counselor and then the Perinatologist to see if we could determine anything further.  Lucky for us we not only got to see our growing baby but both the Ultrasound Tech and the Dr. said the baby looked perfectly healthy and fine.  Of course we would have loved our baby no matter what but it's nice to have a little less to worry about for now.  Our fingers are crossed the rest of the pregnancy goes well and we are able to deliver a healthy and happy baby at the end of it all.

This was around 18 weeks at the Perinatologist

10.  On March 23, 2011 it is our one year anniversary.  Through this year I have grown to love Joe more and more every day.  His strength never ceases to amaze me and I know he will always be there for me no matter what.  He is compassionate and kind to me and always helps me through when I'm having a bad day.  He has willingly taken on extra things around the house to help me through my pregnancy.  He is always willing to get me food even if it is the middle of the night and I wake up hungry.  I look forward to spending many more wonderful years together so we can continue to learn more about each other and grow together as a couple and a family.  I have nothing but high hopes for our future together and know that with him we can accomplish anything.

One of our engagement photos. I <3!

So that's my list for now.  It definitely lifted my spirits to recap such great and fun things that happened this past year.  I am looking forward to the next year for my best friend Kim's wedding, for the birth of our first child and for all the fun things the future holds.  My last picture for this post is of my most awesome friends Pam and Kalah at last weekends Super Saturday event where volunteers prepared taxes for those who qualified for free.  It was a truly long day but together we made it a blast.

Showing off "Kalah Jr." as we call my bump at work. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary Hun! Overall it was a busy year with many laughs and surprises! I just want to say that your the best wife in the universe, and you will make a great soon to be mother.

  2. Ah girl, it was so fun reading about your year. It was such a great year for you and Joe and it will only get better from here on out. I'm so excited for you guys!!

  3. YAY for an awesome year. There are definitely new fun things coming up and I'm excited to see where things take us.

    Joe you're the bestest husband in the whole wide world. I love you to pieces and I know you'll make a great dad. YAY!

  4. I've been thinking of you guys today!! Happy Anniversary!! You are such amazing people!
    Congrats on the beautiful little baby growing inside~ What a lucky child to have you both as parents!! They will have wonderful life!


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