Anniversary Update

The anniversary gift we got from his parents.
So for our 1st anniversary Joe and I enjoyed spending time together.  We actually celebrated the day after but it was fun.  We went to my 20 week ultrasound appointment where we got to see the baby again.  The Dr. said everything was measuring well and that the baby looked good which was great.  We did get one picture from it though even the Dr. admitted that it wasn't the best picture but apparently baby is camera shy.  Below is a scan of the picture we got and it's definitely not that great so I labeled it to try and make it easier to see.  We did get a DVD of the appointment too so we'll share that as soon as we can.

Hi baby!

After the appointment we went out and had sushi which was fun.  Don't worry, everything I ate was cooked.  :)  Still very yummy though!  We enjoyed some time at home and then went out for dinner at JC Wooloughans Irish Pub at the JW Marriott.  It was great but by the time we were done I was ready for bed.  Lucky for me we had a yummy dessert treat waiting at home.  Joe had picked up some chocolate covered strawberries for our anniversary and they were wonderful.  I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful husband to share my life with.


  1. wait a second!!! back up! where in the world have I been??? la la land, I guess. you are pregnant??? and 20 weeks at that? Congrats!!!!

  2. Hey Kaycee! You're not in la la land. I didn't actually even mention my pregnancy anywhere online until the 23rd on that blog post. I didn't and still haven't specifically called attention to it on FB. I guess I figure if people are really interested they can read my blog. HA HA HA!!! Plus it's hard to say everything you're thinking in those short status boxes anyway. Yes, 20 weeks and half way there. So far so good. I'll be posting any updates on my blog so I'm sure you'll see all that's going on. :)

  3. I am so excited for you! congrats!

  4. ok, so I am on my sister's computer! oops. This is Kaycee. Sorry


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