Tomorrow is....

...adoption day and I'm very excited.  Joe and I decided that this year we would "adopt" a family for the holidays.  We spent plenty of money on each other over our honeymoon so we thought instead of buying ourselves more things we'd do something to help a family in need. 

Since I work at the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada I get to hear a lot about what's going on in the non-profit world in the southern Nevada community.  We supervise an AmeriCorps VISTA program in our office and one of the VISTA members works at HELP of Southern Nevada.  They not only do a lot for the community but they are located directly next door to us.  After hearing about the Adopt-a-Family program we decided it would be the right fit for us.  Not only are we able to request the size of the family we can afford but they do extensive screening to help assure people aren't able to abuse the system and get gifts from multiple agencies.  I understand that people may want to get more for their kids but in order to help serve more families making sure people don't receive duplicate services is a necessary part of the process.  Plus with the economy like it is in southern Nevada we need to be able to help all the families we can.

This year HELP is hoping to adopt 375 families

I think they can do it!

Mom & Dad's beautiful tree!
I'm very excited because tomorrow is adoption day!  They'll start assigning families and I can't wait to find out more about the family we'll get to adopt.  I have always loved giving gifts so this should be a blast!

If you are in southern Nevada and find yourself in a situation where you can give check out THIS PDF and sign up today.  I found out they have families of all sizes everything from a single parent with one child up to dual parent families with a bunch of kids.  No matter how much you can give they have a family in need that will fit your budget.  It's something great that you can do especially if you don't have the time to do more traditional volunteering.  However...  If you are looking to volunteer visit my works website and see if something catches your eye.  If you're not in southern Nevada but looking to volunteer check out the HandsOn Network and see if they have an affiliate near you.  There are affiliates like our volunteer center all over the world that can help connect you to volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood.

Anyway I can't wait to share more when we get our family.  Check back because I'll be posting more about our adventures as we receive our family, shop for some fun gifts and deliver the gifts to HELP to be distributed to the family.  It's definitely going to be a great holiday season!


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