Tis the Season!

So I wanted to share an update on our adopt-a-family.  Yesterday Joe and I went shopping and purchased a bunch of simple foods for a great food basket.  Everything is either edible as is or is just add water.  Also everything we got had a pop-top lid because I have no clue what kind of kitchen they are working with.

I also wrapped up some goodies for the mom too.  The adopt-a-family program says that gifts for the parents are at the sponsors discretion and recommended a food basket or gift cards for the grocery store but I wanted to include some gifts for mom too.  Of course being a Mary Kay consultant I included some fun personal care items that she can use or share with her friends.  I also happened to get two purses that hopefully she'll like.

These are the great gifts we have so far.  We ordered some awesome things for the boy online after Thanksgiving.  We got some fun toys and some clothes that hopefully he'll enjoy.  As soon as they arrive I'll definitely take some photos and share.

I really hope that they enjoy this and it helps to make their holiday bright and hopeful.  The mom had written in her letter that she had just lost her job and only wanted to be able to have some gifts for her son.  I hope she doesn't lose hope and works hard to find another job for herself to support her son.  The economy can be hard for sure and hopefully getting some gifts will help her see the good in life and keep her looking forward to the future.

It's also not too late if you want to adopt a family or a child for the holidays.  I know that some places are still accepting donations of toys and I've seen the tree where you pick a child at Walmart the other day.  Also the firefighters were outside of Walmart collecting toys there too.  I know there are other toy and food drives scheduled in the next couple weeks and organizations are looking for volunteers to help through the holiday season.  If you can't buy new you can always do some early spring cleaning and donate clothing, toys and housewares to your favorite charity who can either give them to those in need or sell them to make money for their organization.  Plus don't forget the simple things like sharing a smile or a kind word to those you meet are always free and easy to give.  I hope everyone has a happy and blessed holiday season!


  1. Everything looks great. I'm sure they'll be really grateful!

  2. Hooray! I hope so. I love shopping for gifts and giving gifts so this has been really fun. :)

  3. That is so awesome Heather!! You guys are so thoughtful and caring!!! :)


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