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So this morning I was watching a random show on tv and they were talking about decorating and they talked about using a free online tool that can help you discover what colors are best for you.  I went online and found a great color discovery tool from Pittsburgh Paints called the Color Sense Game.

Hurry go play and then come back before reading on...

Did you play?  Let's compare and see if we're alike or what your color sense is.  There's no right or wrong answer so this is fun!

My main color scheme is Tapestry & Mosaic:

With its rich and adventurous combinations, Tapestry & Mosaic offers a set of well-balanced harmonies that will let you travel through your own home. 

Our home is our personal theatre of self-expression, the place where we are most free to use our creativity and imagination. What inspires you the most? Often, our travel adventures create our most significant and joyous memories of people, times and places. To capture this essence of exotic living, we created our Tapestry & Mosaic Harmony Collection™. In a diverse, rich and opulent collection, we have reinterpreted experiences into balanced custom color palettes for your home, so that you can live daily in an atmosphere that easily transports you to that fond memory or dream. If you find yourself drawn to Tapestry & Mosaic, relax and trust your intuition. Most likely, you are a spiritual, adventurous, and open-minded soul who welcomes both color, and the undiscovered, into your world.

My secondary color scheme was Pop Art:
Welcome to the imaginative world of Pop Art, a playground for your senses filled with vibrant colors. Here, modern innovative color combinations create energetic and happy harmonies that exude personality and invigorate your decor. The most dynamic of our Harmony Families, Pop Art is for the lighthearted and daring, for those who don't always play by the rules, and for those who live to laugh out loud. 

You'll thrive in these palettes if stripes and humor energize you and if you are a pleasure-seeker who welcomes company, imagination, and smiling multi-colors.

If you'd like to live in these inspired colors of joy, the Pop Art Harmony Collection™ is for you. Try these dynamic color adventures in creative offices, playrooms, family rooms, solariums, or children's rooms. It's also the perfect patio palette for cushions, chairs, and accents to cheer up your backyard or picnic party. Pop Art lets you play with your colors. Perfect for children and the young at heart.

I love the colors this game chose for me.  I feel it's so right and I can definitely see myself using the colors from the Tapestry & Mosaic collection for parts of my home and the Pop Art collection for other rooms and outdoor spaces.  What fun!  Now I need to have Joe play and see if we're alike or if we'll need to figure out how to combine our color choices.  


  1. that was fun! My results-

    1. Al Fresco-Fresh and balanced, the Al fresco greens are a natural and versatile choice for all interiors. They recreate nature and put the essence of renewal in our everyday lives.

    2. Water Beards-You are drawn to the refreshing and peaceful blues of the water beads collection. Blues will create the calm you crave and they are particularly suited to rooms made for rest and relaxation.

    ps- glad you have found time to blog again! woo hoo!

  2. YAY! I'm excited I'm finally blogging again too. Lately I've wanted to and I finally made time today. HA HA HA! I also added a playlist of videos that I find inspiring as well as a slideshow of pictures from our Honeymoon. It's all about some improvements after quite the amount of time away... :)


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