The Toothfairy Does Exist!

Yes, she really does...

     You can find her here...

          We love Toothfairy

I first came across the Toothfairy from my BFF Kim's blog ooh! piece of candy! when she made a post about the A Piece of Me game.  It's a neat and simple way to post about what's going on in your life right at that very moment and you do it every month so it's a great way for people to see how things are evolving.  You should definitely join and share a piece of you each month.  :)

Also I must say the Toothfairy has a lovely giveaway going on right now that I think everyone should check out.  This necklace is just beautiful and would be a great addition to my collection or to save as a gift.  :)  HE HE HE!!!

So if you're looking for a couple great blogs definitely check out We love Toothfairy and ooh! piece of candy!.  Both are fun to follow and they both have amazing taste in fashion.


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