So today I'm having a TV dinner for lunch and a kiwi.  Joe and I got a bunch of fruit at Costco the other day and the kiwi has been really good.  #1 it's only 1 point for Weght Watchers and #2 because it's just good.

Kiwi - it's what's for lunch...
Plus kiwi fruit brings to mind kiwi birds which are rather cute and cool looking.  I think I would like to hold one one day just to say I have.  HA HA HA!!!

NZ Kiwi Foundation

Another thing that I found is that kiwi fruit has the potential to make very cute jewlery...

Ring Blog

I think I would like a piece of kiwi jewlery one day if it's cute like this.  :)  Anyway I just wanted to share that bit-o-kiwi-fun.  Cute things like this make me happy.  I hope everyone has been having a fabulous week.  If you have any fun weekend plans share them here!


  1. oh my gosh. That is so freaking cute! I love it.

  2. that ring looks cute

  3. Seriously SO cute!!! :)

    Sarah thanks for the comment! I'm following your blog now too. I love your Etsy stuff and I love crafting too so I'll definitely be checking things out. :)


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