Just another manic Monday... but it's Tuesday...

Ah back to another week at work.  After a nice Memorial Day weekend I'm glad to have a short week.  Granted I have a lot going on this weekend so I'm sure I'll be busy right up until work next week Monday.  OY!  So first of all for todays lunch we have...
More SpecialK!!!  Actualy I haven't got sick of it yet since they thankfully have many different flavors.  I don't think I'd ever have the plain SpecialK but that's ok because you can have any of the varieties for their diet.  I am very pleased to announce with my first weeks efforts I am down 4.1 pounds.  WOO!!!  HOLLA!!!  That's including weekend long BBQ-ing and eating out a couple times with friends.  Seriously this is the EASIEST "diet" I've ever done.  I'm sure it would work rather well with any similar type of cereal and snacks.  It's the fact you're cutting calories out of your diet that's all.  Obviously if you max out on snacks and your meal you might not lose as much but on the flip side if you are careful with what you snack on and what you eat you can definitely lose some serious weight.  I'll probably continue this on until at least the Honeymoon because I want to look good.  HA!  That and really most of the time I am not hungry enough to eat 3 full meals during the day anyway.  Or I get lazy after work and don't want to cook and by the time I do I'm eating at 9pm.  Bad I know...

So for Memorial Day Joe and I took it easy and stayed home most of the time.  We BBQ'd twice and I practiced on the motorcycle once.  Joe's thinking of borrowing another bike from his Dad so we can ride together.  Right now what we do is I ride and he follows me in his truck.  It's nice because I have that saftey of knowing the person right behind me isn't going to tail me or be a butt.  So far we've kept it to the roads right around our house which is totally fine by me.  I'm definitely not confident enough to go far yet.  I'll have to post pics of our yummy BBQ weekend too.  We actually BBQ'd lobster...  Yes you heard that right... LOBSTER...  The sauce type thing I made for it was amazing and it turned out so good!  I get why people love it and could eat a ton of it.  HA HA HA!!!

This weekend on my mind was school.  Joe is finishing up his last semester of his Bachelors degree which is awesome and I am considering going back to school again.  I'd like to finish at least an Associates degree before we move anywhere so I can have in state tuition.  I looked at some options at CSN and there is definitely the chance I can do this.  I would just need to make the decision and go for it.  Why so hard then?  Well because I am terribly indecisive for one.  I really want to know everything about everything.  Also hard because I know I can't manage full time school and full time work.  Yes I know many many people do this but I have not been able to succed with it thus far so I figure at best I'll have to cut to part time and at worst I'll have to not work. I'm all about staying home and just focusing on school however I am not all about not having my own income.  I know I'm married so we do have Joe's income but I hate the thought if he lost his job or if I had to cut out all extra fun things because I have no money.  I know I COULD cut out things like dinner out with friends but I just don't want to.  I figure when we have kids I'll be sacrificing enough so for now I am going to enjoy the time out while I can.  Anyway I think this is getting really long so I'm going to say right now I'm considering something along a culinary path.  If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or contacts in the culinary industry I'm interested in checking out blogs, talking to folks or getting peoples thoughts on things like culinary school.  Ok, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  Back to finishing my cereal before it gets soggy...


  1. That is so awesome about your diet! You are doing so good. Congrats! I'm so jealous of your lobster BBQ! I really want to try lobster but I never have. You'll get more confident on the bike and it's definately a good idea to have someone follow you for that added reassurance. I can't believe Joe is almost done! That is so awesome. Maybe for now you should just only focus on your associates. I did that when I couldn't decide what to do because for an associates you don't really get a choice. You have to take what they make you take. So I just forced myself to do it to get it done. By the time I was done with it, I had finally figured out what I wanted to get my bachelors in. You can do it! And seriously, no rush. Life will always happen the way its' supposed to no matter what you do.

  2. Girl you are fabulous!!! I love knowing that you know what I'm going through and are there to support. I'm really feeling good about the idea of finishing my associates right now. It seems like something I can totally do.

    Also you should totally try lobster. We just bought lobster tails at the store and it was easy. I wrapped them up in tinfoil packets with a "sauce" of grapeseed oil, the juice of one lemon and some diced up lemon peel... I think I put some herbs in and chopped up a baby onion I had from our backyard. SO good! :)


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