So I couldn't think what to call this post right now.  I'm definitely not one of those people who comes up with clever titles for my postings or even really wildly brilliant content but I figure hey we can't all be creative and genius every day.  :P

I am having a little variety for lunch today.  I busted out the Special K Low Fat Granola and I'm having that with some yogurt and fruit.  Technically I think you're only supposed to have the granola and the milk or the fruit but I'm not following this diet to the letter.  Here's what we have today:

I do have a fruit cup too but I might save that for an afternoon snack in case I get hungry at some point.  The granola is actually good with the fruit and yogurt.  I did try a bite by itself and it seems pretty plain and not really sweet.  That's not a bad thing especially if you're not into super sweet cereal.  For my purposes it works.

One thing cool I have to share today is a link my friend Natalie found.  It's from the Vault website and it has a bunch of profiles of A Day in the Life of 'insert profession here'.  You can check it out HERE if you're interested.  I haven't had a chance to really dig deep into the articles yet but Natalie said that they are first person accounts of the day in the life of different professions.  This sounds great to me considering I am looking into my future career options.  Plus it is always interesting to find out what other people do because you never know when something might really appeal to you.  Also I think it helps to give credit to what others are doing in the world.  It's always easy to just be like what does that person really do when you don't really know what it is they're doing.  Yes there are always folks at any given job that are lazy or ride the system but some people who you may perceve to be lazy or not working could really be busy doing something important.  (That's my optimistic side talking there.  HA HA HA!)

Anyway some kind of culiary work still really appeals to me.  Who knows if I'll go back to school any time soon but I am looking into it as an option.  I'd like to go sooner rather than later because right now I qualify for in-state tuition and CSN isn't that expensive.  Plus my thought is that it's got to be easier to transfer an Associates degree than it is to request transcripts from all the schools I've gone to in order to transfer credits.  BLAH!  Either way I'm definitely not planning on any dramatic changes any time soon.  Joe is just finishing up his degree so right now that is what our focus is on.  I might take a class or two and try to finish up my general ed classes so that when the time comes I can just take the classes I'll need for a degree and can get it done quickly.

For now it's back to my granola before it gets soggy.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  :)


  1. ahhh special k is the yummiest!

  2. I am seriously surprised that I still love Special K after eating it so much. I guess I don't mind because it is good and there are so many varieties so I've been able to change it up. :) MMM!!!


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