Chef Moto!

I'm skipping on the picture of my lunch because it's about the same as yesterday.  Special K (the chocolate variety), a fruit cup and some almond milk for my cereal.  I'm eating early because I cover the front desk today so I'm also posting this early today.  :)

So the more I think about it the more I think some sort of culinary education sounds ideal for me.  I have always loved to cool and I love food.  I love gardening because I can grow my own food.  Lately I've been interested in sustainable/local foods and I really don't see food ever not being a part of my life.  Even Joe pointed out that I have a ton of kitchen stuff that I've been getting since before we met and it's true.  I swear I own most things Tupperware and Pampered Chef make.  (I'm including both of my consultants information below in case you want to get something for your own collection.)

Rebecca Crook
Tupperware Consultant - website
(702) 415-6295

Kim Spence
Pampered Chef Consultant - website
(702) 255-2661

Anyway I really love food in general and lately I have read or heard things that made me realize some people share food to show their love for you, food is truly a common denominator between all people (and most things) on earth and food really can bring people together.  Seriously who do you know who doesn't eat?  No one!  Ok so maybe they don't love food or are a picky eater but if you don't eat you don't live so food always plays some part in everyones life.  I figure food is a way I can use my skills in a hands on fashion to really make yummy and healthy foods to share with others.  Plus I know I like to learn but school has never really been that successful for me.  Perhaps a hands on type of schedule might be more my speed.  It's something that allows creativity but can also be very precise and even scientific which appeals to all parts of my brain.

I'm planning to schedule a meeting with an accademic advisor to see what is required for me to complete an Associates and how quickly I could get it done.  I need to also look into financial aid in all forms to see if I can get enough money to really consider full time school again.  If I do that I know I can finish this within the next 2 years max.  Now that would be an awesome accomplishment.  To really actually finish something.  What a concept!  I think it would be fabulous and perhaps one day I'll be a chef.  :)


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