Special K Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of the Special K diet.  HA HA HA!  So far so good and I'm managing to not starve...   Here's today's lunch:
Special K with a fruit cup and my almond milk.  YUM!  Dinner tonight will be awesome though!  We're going for Dim Sum and I can't wait to see what they have.

And today's interesting find of the morning is about skin care for the summer.  So many people go tanning which is terrible for your skin.  One thing I learned in Mary Kay was UVA rays are the rays that AGE your skin and UVB rays are the rays that BURN.  It makes it easy to remember why tanning isn't good for you.  Plus I have a friend who's mom has dealt with skin cancer and it's not good.  The stuff you to today catches up to you so seriously get some tan in a bottle and call it good if you need to be tan.  Your health in the long term is worth it!  Plus who likes wrinkles and sun spots.  BLAH!

So check out the article HERE.

Also if you have a Mary Kay consultant you have got to check out the Sun Care CollectionSunscreen, Subtle Tanning Lotion, After-Sun Replenishing Gel, Lip Protector Sunscreen SPF 15. Another great product I use every day is the TimeWise Day Solution with SPF 25.  Used in combination with the whole TimeWise line and seriously you will see a difference.  I'm all about protecting my skin from the sun so I use pretty much everything in the line. 

Anyway, no matter what brand you use you should find something that works for your skin type to protect you from the sun.  Especially if you live somewhere like Las Vegas where we see a lot of sun through the year.  Cancer is no laughing matter and in a case like this it's so easy to protect your skin and decrease your risks.  So stay healthy!!!


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