Inspiration and some Special K

So I know I mentioned on FB that I was going to blog about Smashburger.  I still will!  I just need to upload the pics at home and then I'll post.  For this afternoon though I wanted to share two articles I read this morning.  Once again from our friends at Tiny Buddha

40 Everyday Successes to Celebrate

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Up on Your Dream

I really liked how the first article really emphasized that it's not necessarily the big things some people accomplish in life but the little things people do on a daily basis that really can make a difference.  I appreciate that because as humans I think we're all programed to want more and to want to be "better" than the next person but being "better" isn't always better for you.  I know that you could try and work and struggle to be smarter, skinner, wealthier, etc but if you're not doing what you love I don't think that really matters.

In the second article a lot of it was stuff I already knew but points 7 and 10 really struck me.  In thinking about the simple example in my life of finishing school.  I've always wanted to get my college degree but the further I get away from my High School graduation the more I feel like I should just give up and move on.  But...  Applying for example point 10 if someone else were in my shoes I would definitely give them that pep talk that you're never too old, you can do it, you're smart enough, etc...  Also with point 7 it's so true... When you think to yourself it's easy to talk yourself out of pushing through but if you had to verbalize it to someone you love it suddenly seems different.  Needless to say for now I won't be giving up.  HA HA HA!!!

On the food front I have realized that there are about 18 weeks until my honeymoon and I refuse to go to Hawaii without being totally swimsuit ready.  So...  To kick start I think I will be joining my co-worker Pam for the SpecialK Diet for 2 weeks.  That will hopefully help me eat less and get away from all the junk foods that keep showing up at the office. Yes I have contributed to that myself...  HA HA HA!  Also I am working out a strategy of little things I can do on a daily basis to help myself reach my weight loss goals.  Once I get things nailed down I'll share them even though that will be truly terrifying...  OY!

For now it's back to my lunch.  I am having a noodle bowl but I also brought a turkey sandwich and some tomatoes in balsamic/EVOO/basil.  It's time to get in control and make some things happen.  :)


  1. Yes, you can do it. Honestly it's just a matter of getting into a routine. It's just the first little while that's the hardest both with school and food. Just keep plugging along. Even if all you can do is baby steps, they're still steps toward completing your goals (figuring out what career you want for instance.) You never know when something is going to click and you'll be like "that's it!" But if you give up, you'll never know.

  2. Ah so wise! Yes it's all about the little steps and not beating myself up along the way. I just feel like there's so much I'm interested in but I can't make a decision. Usually I get tied up in the whole well how much money will it make... I get that you can make money doing anything if you put your mind to it but unfortunately my mind won't make a decision. DOH! I guess we'll keep plugging away and see what happens though. :P HA HA HA!


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