In the Garden

Alright so it's once again been a while since I've posted but things have been crazy at work so many lunches have now been spent looking at others blogs and seeing what's out there.  I would still consider myself new to blogging so forgive me for these spans of time.

Well today my lunch is totally boring so I passed on taking a pic of it.  I had a Lean Cuisine TV Dinner and a yogurt.  Not exciting but I haven't made my shopping list and I don't want to shop without having a plan.  I'll probably put together a grocery list tonight then go shopping this weekend when I can have Joe go with me.

Today I'm sharing the most recent pics I took in our garden.  Joe is doing a LOT of hard work in the backyard so there will be new pics soon but these are kind of fun so I hope you enjoy.

These are the onions that are growing right now.  I don't think the soil is deep enough though so we may end up with mini onions.  :)

We have one rose bush that has survived since it was planted and it is happily blooming away which is nice.

We bought some strawberries to plant.  A couple days later I pruned the plants and got rid of some dead leaves that had accumulated under the plants.  I can't wait to plant them and have some fresh berries.  :)

I have successfully caged my tomato plants.  They are growing very nicely and I can't wait to have enough to make a tiny amount of salsa.  HA HA HA!  :)

See it's true!  Tiny tomatoes!  They are a grape tomato variety so they will be little but I like them on salads and can totally still make salsa or bruchetta stuff with them.  YUM!

Anyway we're very excited about our garden/backyard so new photos will be coming soon.


  1. If it would quit raining and being so stinking cold here we could get on with our garden too! grr. So yeah- thanks for being like the only person that ever comments on my blog, haha.

  2. AWW I think you're the only one who ever comments on mine so it's ok. :) We can comment on each others lives. HA HA HA! At least I know you're reading the postings. :)


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