Congrats to my BFF!

I am so excited!  One of my best friends in the world just got engaged!!!

You can check out her blog post HERE to see her gorgeous ring and her darling fiance.

Anyway, I am totally thrilled that she has found someone that treats her like a princess.  She totally deserves someone that is just amazing and that really loves her as much as she loves him.  I'm psyched for them to live a happy and wonderful life together.

AND...  I'm excited to PARTY!  Bring on the bridal showers and bachlorette party.  I'm totally there.  Maybe this will be additional incentive to lose some weight.  HA HA HA!  That and our honeymoon to Hawaii!!!  We finally booked everything and will be going on a cruise in October.  We'll also be spending an extra week on Oahu and Joe will get to meet some of the family.  That will be fabulous!

Anyway, I'm going to attempt some bread I think.  Kim and Andy congrats, best wishes for a long and love filled life and I am so excited for you both. 


  1. ah girl, you totally just made me cry! You are the best!! And hell yeah to a cruise to Hawaii!! What a fantastic honeymoon!

  2. HA HA HA! I didn't mean for you to cry but you are the bomb-bizzle! I'm seriously so psyched for you guys!!! Ah and Hawaii cruise = awesomeness... We're excited. :)


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