Cars and careers and crazy oh my!

So today's continuation of the Specal K diet includes my cute fruit cup and the Special K that has chocolate in it!  YUM!  It was actually really good.  HA HA HA!  Plus it looks like I've already lost a pound so that's bonus.

Well today I have been busily working away this morning but I am thinking about careers and cars...  My current career fascinations (I say fascination because that's more what they're like to me. I change my mind all the time...) are:

Interior Design

Additionally I have considered culinary school as well...  I think the things that I am always drawn to either involve being creative or involve medicine/science.  Seriously could someone have any more opposite interests?  I mean my right brain and left brain are in total conflict here.  It's like I want to be creative but I like logical things as well.  I've always noticed this when I take personality/career tests.  I typically am high in two areas and they are almost always exact opposite.  Either this means I have a second personality somewhere deep inside me or I am the most well rounded person on the planet.  *Sigh...  Either way it always puts me in conflict when I'm trying to pick a major for school.  I realy just want to know everything about everything.  HA HA HA!

Anyway, also on my mind is the current car situation.  I know I'll be getting a car somewhere in the near future so I keep going back and forth between considering a nice big SUV and small fuel efficient cars.  My issue with the whole situation is for what I want in a vehicle I can't afford it.  Well at least not in the specific models I've looked at.  I drive a LOT so I want a car that's really nice on the inside, is a smooth ride and is very safe.  For the things I like it seems that puts most SUV's out of my price range.  It does look like I could afford a realy nice car however I kind of like sitting up higher on the road like you do in an SUV/truck.  Plus I see a lot of accidents here in Vegas and let me tell you the bigger car ALWAYS wins.  I've seen wrecks where the SUV/Truck has barely a scratch but the car is a mangled hot mess.  Unfortunately the cost of fuel in a larger vehicle also makes it just that much harder to rationalize...  I guess I'll be back to looking at small SUV/crossover type vehicles or cars...  Seriously why couldn't I just be independently wealthy?


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