What a day...

So first off let's start with my lunch menu...

I am having leftover grilled veggies, Joe and my version of Spanish rice and some beans.  We actually made this with some pork for tacos but for a lunch at work this is an easier way to eat it...  I did my best to make sure the veggies were the largest portion of my meal however I love rice and beans so I guess we're about 50-50 on the whole thing.  HA HA HA!

So today's mid day meh is the status of my Facebook.  Seriously I know I survived pre-Facebook however I like to peek out there and see what folks are doing throughout the day.  It gives me a quick mental break and then it's back to work.  Also I am an admin on 4 FB pages for work so it actually is part of my work to be on FB through the day.  It is apparently stroking out on me though and causing me grief but what do you do.  I am also meh about the fact I am SO tired...  We hosted a large volunteer project packing bags of weekend food for kids for a corporate group and man it was serious work.  We were lifting, loading and unloading a serious amount of food and I am totally wiped out from it.  I guess I could just be that out of shape but man it was rough.  My muscles hurt and being tired is not helping this day go on.

On the bright side though our garden is thriving and still doing well.  The fig tree out back is seriously sprouting a ton of leaves and hopefully we'll get some figs to try.  Also Joe and I went out for our monthly sushi night at Kan Pai sushi.  It was nummy and we got to talk about our plans for the future.  I seriously want a motorcycle now that I passed the motorcycle class.  Also we're trying to figure out kids, finances, retirement and so much more.  It's great though to know Joe is interested in our future and in making it the best it can be.

Alright so that's all I've got for today.  I hope everyone who reads this is having a wonderful day.


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