A Piece of Me in April

This month....

I like: being a married woman. I'm still getting used to being Mrs. MacDonald but it's been fun and I love my darling Joe.

I don't like: that my best friends live so far away.  I wish we could all live closer together so that we could enjoy tea time, dinners together and just share life up close and personal.

I want you to know: I really am working on my thank you cards from the wedding, bachelorette party, Tupperware shower.... OMG!

I've planned: to try and get some stuff done. OY! File my taxes, send my thank you cards, clean up the bedroom, put away our wedding gifts, learn to ride a motorcycle, clean the fish tank and clean the office...  Eventually it will all get done.

I want to say to someone special: I love my sweetest Joe.  You mean the world to me, you are the best thing ever and I am so glad we got married and will share our lives together.  XOXO!

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