Moto's Munchies!

So for my fabulous followers as you may have noticed I changed the title of my blog.  Yes yet another change but perhaps that is because that is kind of how I am.  Always evolving and changing into the person I am supposed to be.  I've decided to update my blog to encompas the things I truly love.  Currently they are (in no particular order) food, gardening, self improvement and friends/family.  I also love things like cats, giant pandas, crafting, scrapbooking, reading and learning new things so I'm sure every now and again I'll throw in some random goodies.

I am looking to update the look of my blog so for all you blog experts if you see any cute backgrounds that are food related I would love for you to share the link.  I'm rather new to blogging so any help and hints are appreciated.

So todays lunchtime post...

Yes it's my lunch!  I know it doesn't win any points for presentation however it's pretty good if I do say so myself.  I experimented the other day making a chicken/potato/onion dish with porcini mushrooms.  Baked it all in the oven with a little chicken broth and it turned out fabulous.  It tastes good but looks rather shabby...  Perhaps I'll have to toy with some brightly colored additions to make it more appealing.  With the chicken is some corn and fruit cocktail. 

Joe and I have created a budget we plan to live by so I am working to use things we already have in the house.  Fresh fruit is awesome but if you don't eat it fast enough it goes bad.  I know canned fruit isn't that great but I had some that was sitting there so I figured eat it already.  The corn is frozen which I'm ok with.  Joe and I bought a large freezer that's out in the garage so we're now able to stock up on meats, veggies and other frozen delights when they are on sale.  Watch out world I just may start clipping coupons again!

Other than that today has been busy at work.  I have been updating the sponsors on our website and I have a site visit later this afternoon.  If you didn't know I work at the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada as a volunteer coordinator.  I have lately been focused in on a lot of the technology side of our work.  I update the website, maintain our social networks and work on a lot of other behind the scenes stuff.  It's very satisfying work for sure.  It reminds me of the story I heard on the radio this morning about the Top 10 Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in America.  If you take a look at the list most of the happiest jobs are service oriented.  I think that's because those who help others truly do get that "you get what you give" benefit in their lives.  The unhappiest jobs are mostly service type jobs as well but more like customer service.  And sadly because a lot of people don't treat those professions well they can tend to be unplesant.  I mean really I've been a server and worked retail both of which are on the list and I can tell you it's not a fun job when people treat you like you're dirt because you work at the mall...  LAME!  Also one guy on the radio argued that as a bartender he earned more doing that than using his college degree at an entry level job.  I wanted to say yeah because you bartend in VEGAS.  Try bartending in the middle of rural Kansas where your bar sees the same 5 people day in and day out.  I doubt you'd make more doing that than using your degree then.  Come on!  Vegas affords the opportunity to earn a LOT as a server or bartender or even in retail but if you went to a market where people weren't coming to blow all their money good luck affording the same lifestyle.  HA!

Anyway, enough of that.  I just wanted to say hello to the new changes coming to my blog.  I hope that using my lunch hour to blog I will be able to update more frequently.  YAY!!!


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